The Social Side Of Online Gaming

The Social Side Of Online Gaming

The Social Side Of Online Gaming

If there is one thing that cultures across the globe have in common, it is gaming. Games have been a popular form of entertainment for centuries now. Card games are one of the widely loved social games that have evolved from other traditional games like Canasta and Mahjong, which were initially played on tiles. But slowly, with time, there was a transition to cards, which are now online as pixels.

Centuries ago, rummy was played by mature and wise men, but the popularity of the game picked up, and everyone gradually started enjoying it. After all, what’s more interesting than bonding over a game of cards? But with packed schedules these days, it is becoming impossible for busy people to meet frequently. Sometimes, things can get a little lonely. But you can always play rummy online. Yes! With the popularity of online games that have been increasing exponentially, there are a plethora of options for you. In fact, playing games online can vastly improve your social skills too. Surprised? Here’s how.

Meeting New People

Games like online rummy give you an opportunity to interact with new people, especially like-minded ones. With options to share your progress and connect to your social media profile, you can add fellow players to your online circle and join groups on social media platforms. If you’re a social person who likes meeting new people and making friends, you’ll find many like-minded people here. And if you’re not, it is a great way to improve your social skills! This means you can even have your own online friend circle. How cool is that? You can even share details of ongoing rummy matches on your profile.

Improves Communication Skills

Studies show that children who are shy and lack confidence, and even adults who are introverts, may find it easier to open up while playing video games. Striking up a conversation with someone in real life can be challenging, especially if you’ve struggled with social anxiety. However, doing so in an online setting is relatively easier because there is a sense of anonymity that allows one to overcome their inhibitions.

Fostering Teamwork

Teamwork is one of the most essential life skills to succeed, both in personal and professional life. Most online games require efficient collaboration and co-operation. Much like football, cricket and any other team sport, online multiplayer games require the player to communicate efficiently with the team to ensure a win. Playing online games can help you develop your ability to work and fit in a team.

A Friendly Environment

Recent studies have stated that gamers are less likely to be bullies. In one such study, players were asked to assume the hero and the villain’s roles, and those controlling the latter’s character displayed a sense of remorse over their actions. In fact, people who are required to organize and meet up with fellow players in their collaborative efforts are rated as better leaders, effective motivators and more likely volunteers for charity events. So, in a way, gaming helps to cultivate and nurture social and civic behavior among players.

Forging Deeper Friendships

Now that we have established that online games encourage human interaction and help you know and understand people, it is safe to say that they could also forge friendships. Everyone wants to feel accepted, and it is psychologically proven that it is easier to start a conversation or open up to people who you might not meet than the ones in front of you. Online games often also hold meet and greet conventions. So, before you know it, your online friends can become your offline friends too!

Once you’ve made friends online, you can always enjoy your time together by playing online games. When not playing, you can discuss strategies or have discussions about the game in general. Clearly, bonding over common ground goes a long way in strengthening friendships. In fact, the best way to grind your brain, and at the same time have a fun time with friends, is through gaming.

Games like rummy and chess are strategic games, but when played with friends, it can be quite an enjoyable experience. You can play rummy online with real moneyas well, and it is available on platforms like RummyCircle.
Online gaming isn’t as bad as it is often made out to be. If you can keep your activities in control, and you know when to stop, online gaming can be a lot of fun. With so many benefits, it is definitely a fine way to avoid social awkwardness.

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