Sorting Out Your Resolutions? Here’s How To Do It

Sorting Out Your Resolutions

Sorting Out Your Resolutions

Impossible is nothing for humans, barring a few exceptions.  Want to win arguments over your wife? Like to persuade a politician to fulfill his election promise? Love to see a caring boss? The said things may sound almost close to impossible. So, forget them! Go for resolutions that are reasonably achievable in this new year. Here are some of the possible resolutions that you can sort out and implement them too.

Shed those extra kilos:

Are you sure you stand and walk on your foot? Well if you are sure then you are perfectly fit and healthy. It has been years for many people since they have ever seen their foot when they stand or walk as they are blindfolded by their belly bulge. Is your situation no different?  Probably you do not need a separate table for keeping a plate while eating. Your belly takes care of that. Oh, wait!  But about your health? Take a cue from the game of Rummy. Holding higher value cards in an online rummy game is detrimental to your progress in the deal and so you keep pushing them to the discard pile, don’t you? Implement the same and try reducing your belly and body weight too. Let this be one of your new year resolutions this year. For once you can proudly tell the world, yes, I stand on my foot and I could see it!

Make your knowledge repertoire big:

So, the cards are dispensed, and you are almost about to shout “hip hip hurrah “in excitement. You would have got probably a very easy hand to start with and looking at the grim face of opponents you are confident of declaring first but alas! Your opponent could do it before you. How did it possibly happen? Since you were having a great hand and had multiple options of forming a pure sequence, you took the deal for granted and kept operating on one method of sequencing. You cannot keep persevering with what you have. You need to look out for variety. How many languages do you know by the way? Are you multilingual? So be it. Still, it is always better to add a couple of another widely spoken languages and broaden your repertoire. There are always chances that you are denied an opportunity to work in an abroad country just because you are not aware of that native language. Why give it a chance? In this new year endeavor to learn another language in your free time and await your opportunity if any.

Come up with smart travel plans:

Ever experienced your travel plans getting ditched?  Probably quite often as your official commitments tend to intervene every time you come up with a travel idea. You can’t be a naysayer but surely you can come up with better travel plans. Just like how you deal with an impure sequence in the rummy game by keeping the options open, plan your short vacation smartly by combining the holidays along with weekends or public holidays. But do not plan them at the last moment. There are people who are smarter than you and they would have planned their vacation much ahead and you may end up not getting the train, bus or flight that you intended to catch!!

Do not let the password pass:

Most of the people who hold an account in innumerable sites tend to have this problem of forgetting the password. Almost half the emails that they receive on a daily basis must be about resetting the password. If the option “forget password” gets a human form it would catch hold of the registered users by their collar and ask, “Am I your superhero who comes to your rescue whenever you are in trouble?” It will be interesting to see how login users react if there is no option to forget the password. Probably they will be more careful remembering it in that case. Who knows? Not all can be Rummy players though who by default carry more memory power than the others as they need to remember the moves of their opponents from the start to finish and also the details of the discarded cards which help them to decide their own moves accordingly. So, if you are looking up for a new year resolution, let this promise of remembering passwords be one of them.

Become a rummy expert:

Practice makes man perfect! Yes, it is possible if you have elevated yourself to playing Rummy on cash tables. If you strive to become an expert, you can play and win more money through cash tables. Merely playing the game for fun will be of no avail. Like how pure sequence is indispensable for declaration in Rummy, becoming an expert is imperative in consistently winning money and tasting fame. A non-expert simply going for a rummy game download and begin to play on the cash table is as good as a premature declaration resulting in the wrong show. So, in this new year, you may commit yourself to become a Rummy expert by honing your gaming skills.

Your job does not end with sorting out such resolutions. In this context, it is better to take a supplementary resolution that you will not forget implementing the resolutions so taken!

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