Technologies That Take Online Gaming To The Next Level

Technologies That Take Online Gaming To The Next Level

Technologies That Take Online Gaming To The Next Level

PC games have an innate charm that attracts the young and the old alike. The advent of online games and different theme-based games like roleplaying games, city-building games, strategy games, etc. have given a fresh impetus to it. Indeed, the popularity of online games has been increasing at a steady rate.

Be it famous card games like online rummy, battle games or the several other varieties available, a common point is that you need to devise strategies to win. People derive a sense of satisfaction in employing their mental faculties to decide strategies. The attraction of winning prizes and moving up the leaderboard in online gaming tournaments further helps the popularity of these games.

However, it is the experience of playing that interests most. Now, cutting-edge technologies are taking the experience of playing these games to a new level. So, how exactly is technology changing the landscape of online gaming and what is really going on in this space? Let’s discuss.

Artificial Intelligence

 The Artificial Intelligence-based game bot named Libratus, a product of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, has already marked its presence in the realm of card gaming. It has played thousands of different games in just three weeks’ time. What is intriguing is that in all these games, it has emerged victorious against human opponents. Yet, it is just the preliminary stages of AI. Companies are now using a combined approach of big data, machine learning, and other AI technologies to enhance user engagement with the game and improve gaming experience for variants of card games.

Virtual Reality

Gaming has significantly improved in quality thanks to Virtual Reality. The technology has made it possible to control games with gesture. Add realistic graphics to it and it is a combo very few can resist.

Technology also lets you interact with the gaming elements. This is a great experience since it does not let the physical environment disturb your gaming experience. The VR headset that you must wear to play the game has the ability to block all foreign sights and sounds. You can immerse yourself in the world of extremely realistic graphics, interact with players and control your moves with gestures much like in the real world. The bright, immersive and interactive experience can take online gaming to a new height.

24/7 Gaming

You no longer need to wait to return home and sit before the computer to play a game online. Most games are available as an app these days. The increase in availability of gaming apps has made it possible for fans to play even traditional card games like rummy with a simple rummy game download. If you have a 4G internet connection, you can easily play games anywhere and anytime. Whether you are sitting at home, waiting for an office meeting or sitting at the airport lounge, you can play your favorite game on your mobile device or laptop. The lively gaming interface and the high-quality graphics in the game adds to the attraction.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a niche of virtual reality where the aim is to duplicate the gaming environment using innovative display technology and latest software. This offers such a composite view of real and virtual scenes that the player finds it difficult to distinguish between the two and feels further integrated.

Augmented reality has reached such a stage that it can even add smell to the gaming environment and heighten your experience. Players just need to wear a pair of glasses to enjoy integrated experiences like walking down a street, finding treasures, etc.

Gaming Themes And Rooms

Now you can even play games based on themes. You can play MMORPG games, PUBG games, Ninja video games, card games etc. These games differ not only in gameplay, but also by settings, scenarios, backgrounds etc. Games can also revolve around themes like shapes, stories, animals, historical events, sports, age of reason, archaeology, architecture, birds, buildings, city building, civil war, classic games, colonial games. There are various theme-based games available online. You just need to join the room that you are most proficient and interested in.

With various rooms and themes, players get more than they expect. With a variety of themes to choose from, these ‘rooms’ keep the experience fresh, keeping the players engaged.

How Technologies Are Reshaping Online Games

New technologies are helping players in playing games in a number of ways. This includes:

  • Hand-Strength Estimation

There are AI-based algorithms, which have the ability to estimate the winning potential of your rummy hand versus your opponent’s. The platform does so by estimating the completion of hands and counting the wins.

  • Opponent Modelling

New technology is used to utilise players’ historical data and estimate his or her probability for actions like call, fold, raise etc. This can be done for each opponent and can be quite helpful for players. It takes into account various factors like game type, position, player count etc.

  • Strategy Building

Technology like machine learning can come up with utility functions for listing strategies. It takes into account historical as well as current data to build such strategies.

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