Ten tips to better your Indian Rummy game

“Practice makes a man perfect”, but what you are practicing is also important to be an expert.
As the Supreme Court of India declared rummy card games as a game of skills, let’s hone these skills with some tricks and tips you can practice:

1. Arrange and re-arrange your cards: To get a better picture of what you are holding, arrange your cards in alternate colors, like black-red-black or red-black-red to have a fairer idea and to avoid discarding a useful card in the game.

2. Use High probability middle cards: It is possible to make more sequences with middle cards like 5,6 & 7 by using 2,3,4 or 8,9,10 and that too with less points so keep them handy and last ones while discarding in a classic rummy game.

3. Joker is the King: One can use joker in many ways in an Indian rummy game, once you are done with pure sequence arrange your joker(s) in different ways and check if you can declare or use it to reduce your points while opponent declares before you do.

4. Get rid of high points first: The ‘golden rule’ of Indian rummy says, discard your high point cards first like king, queen or jack to avoid losing with high points, unless you are very close to a pure sequence with the same.

5. Target on pure sequences: In an online rummy game your foremost aim should be to complete your pure sequence to win and even if you lose, it would be with fewer points if you have a pure in hand.

6. Keep track of your opponent’s pick-ups: keep your eyes open about what your opponent(s) is picking, that would reflect the sequences he/ she is trying to make and so you can avoid giving him exactly the cards he/she needs.

7. Keep track of your opponent’s discarded cards: Also keep a follow-up on what your opponent is throwing away so that you can freely throw the following cards, for e.g. if a 10 of spade was discarded, you can freely discard 9 or jack of spade.

8. Drop it if it’s not your game: Sometimes dropping is a wiser option if the cards are not in your favor. Wise men don’t take it to their egos and prefer to lose few points by dropping rather than many by losing.

9. Discard cards close to joker: No one generally likes to waste a joker for a pure sequence so it’s advantageous to discard cards close to the joker to increase the chances of winning a rummy game.

10. Circumstances are significant: In the game of  Indian rummy many aspects matter like- number of players, their expertize levels, amounts at stake, etc. so consider all the aspects and then proceed accordingly.

Last but not the least, play the game responsibly for entertainment and not just go with the winning streak and go beyond limits. So play online rummy like a pro, enjoy and win a lot!!

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