The 5 Most Common Tactics to Win A Rummy Game


When you are sitting on a rummy table the only thought on your mind is how to win the game. Of course, it requires some amount of strategies and playing by the rules that make it a skill based and entertaining game. With the biggest Annual Diwali Rummy Tournament entering its last and final week, the excitement around the game has increased many folds. Let’s see the five most common tactics to win a rummy game and win real cash.

Pick your playing style

You must have heard enough about playing with the rummy rules, so here is something that not many players focus on. When you are sitting at a rummy table you are able to guess the playing style of your opponent in around 5 minutes. Once, you have understood the style, you need to modify your playing style accordingly. If you have a slow player in front of you, then you just need to play a bit aggressively and that would intimidate the player enough to make wrong moves.

Make good decisions

Even the best of rummy players has losing sessions. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will win every time you play. The aim should be to play with the right strategy and work on your cards to improve your hand. If you time your moves correctly, you can win big. So, when you make good decisions, good results automatically flow in.

The mathematics behind rummy

Rummy is a skill based game and the right move can help you win the hand. Behind every move comes accurate mathematical calculations and when you plan this through then winning the game becomes quite simple. Even if you start off with a good hand and then make a wrong move, things can go completely against you. Before you pick or discard any card, remember to make all calculations around it.

Beyond starting hand

Another common rummy trick that is always shared is, looking at the cards at the beginning of the game and then deciding whether you should play or quit. But, there is one more way to look at things and that is looking beyond the cards you have at the beginning of the game. Even if the cards in hand don’t look very impressive, you need to see closely and check if you can turn them around by picking the right cards and discarding some. Of course, this means that you need to think way ahead and see if you can turn things around. This means, you need to calculate the moves, recognize the patterns that your opponent can form and reposition your card for better game play.

Pushing till the end

This one is especially important if you are playing big tournaments like the Diwali Rummy Tournament. Here a player is moving from one table to the other as he wins the game. However, one of the most important things that he needs to remember is that as he moves closer to the finale, he needs to push to the very end. The cards may look disappointing and the opponents will try to make you anxious. However, as you start pushing towards the end, you can see the game falling in place and you being able to see the strategy applied. Rummy game download in your phone to play rummy anytime anywhere.

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