The Last Minute Miss

Last Minute Miss

Last Minute Miss

How often you felt missing out on something that you were just an inch away from?  This is where destiny spoils sport. Forget about big goals, expressive words like

‘Oops!’ and ‘Alas!’ are now part of our daily vocabulary. Someone missing his flight, a batsman missing a ball caught by the keeper, a friendly card getting dropped immediately after your turn is complete in Indian Rummy, a company losing its tender at the final stage – so many such instances that leave you puzzled and worked up. A few of such instances can be funny as well. Let us see some common close shaves in the form of last-minute miss that many people experience.

Wake up alarm:

If you are someone who’s always running short of sleep, then that alarm is your biggest enemy. It will go off right at the time when you are comfortable in slumber. But, wasn’t it supposed to act as your savior? Especially, when you need to be there for an early morning meeting? Yes, we turned it off, and then saw the angry stare at the office. Yes, we are talking to you, the boardroom man, who moves from one meeting to the other, hoping to be there on time… next time… till it comes!

Last movie ticket:

Movie tickets have gone digital. But that doesn’t mean they don’t run out, especially when you are eyeing those specific top line seats. By the time you have decided on the time, how many people are coming and narrowed down on your choice of credit card, the tickets are gone. Yes, and you so wanted to see that movie and had only that specific day to grab it. We have all been there one time or the other, haven’t we?

Top spot compromised in a race:

In races such as 100 and 200 m sprint, only a microsecond gap separates the winner and runner ups, even if the leader happens to be a Usain Bolt. As the finishing line appears slightly far to the person coming second, he will put the best effort and the leader probably slows down a little taking the win for granted. So barely a couple of microseconds is needed for things to turn around.

ITR filing:

The misses always hit you badly no doubt but being in India probably you need not be too dejected when you miss filing your IT returns before the due date. A last-minute miss due to laziness and the slowness of the server should not worry you as the government keep giving you a lifeline by changing the due dates. Just laugh it off if the server is down on the last day and expect an extension in deadline. If you fall short at the last minute during the next deadline too, then the tax department won’t delay in serving you the notice. All you can hope is the tax department also miss to ascertain your non-filing at the last minute.

A bus miss:

Got ready for office early and still found out that your bus has disappeared? It was one of those days where things never go your way. So, accept the defeat and wait for your next bus or catch an auto and go. But in India, you may miss bus right in front of your own eyes. Only your correct assumption and of where the bus will stop can take you to your destination. For boarding a bus in India there are two rules 1. Always be aware buses never stop at the exact slot allotted for it and 2. Make a guess as to where it will stop and get ready there. If your guess fails, better luck next day.

Opponent declares before you in Rummy:

As exciting as the game is, online Rummy carries many funny moments always. Many a time the player cuts a sorry figure by missing the declaration at the last minute. Like how dangerous it is sitting over a particular issue, many with good Rummy tend to persevere with one particular combination without a plan B in hand. In Rummy you need to have plan C and plan D too. If you keep waiting for one card, your opponent with even a bad Rummy hand will declare before you as he has several options to make a combination. The moral of the story is when you have a good Rummy hand it does not mean you should be good to your opponents.

Those were some of the last-minute misses which people should take it in their stride. It will look funny when you review how the entire scenario has cropped up with a minute miscalculation and misjudgment leading to it. Share your experiences with us and we will love to update the list here.

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