Strategy for Beginners: The Right Time To Call Rummy Is…

Strategy for Beginners: The Right Time To Call Rummy Is…

Strategy for Beginners: The Right Time To Call Rummy Is…

From the moment 13 cards are dealt, the energy surges and brain activity are at its peak. In a heart racing game of rummy, it all boils down to who can quickly arrange the cards into valid sequences and sets. It is a skillful art that is a blend of quick thinking, experience, strategy, and calmness. However, the excitement of playing rummy is overwhelming and consumes us. There are moments where players are riding on thrill that they may make at invalid declaration and lose the game. So, let’s clarify what is a valid declaration and the right time to call it.

How to make a valid declaration?

The 13 cards are grouped to form sequences and sets, but it must have a pure sequence and a minimum of two sequences to declare. A perfect example of a valid declaration is 2 3 4 5    5 ♣ 6 ♣ 7 ♣ 8 ♣    5 5 ♣ PJ Q Q ♠.

2 3 4 5 – is the pure sequence

5 ♣ 6 ♣ 7 ♣ 8 ♣ – is the second pure sequence

5 5 ♣ PJ Q Q ♠ – is a set, where the Q is the wildcard joker

How to avoid making invalid declaration?

Rummy is a game that fills you with thrill and unexpectedness. You can get carried away with the game. In the haste to finish, players can declare with invalid sequences and sets. Therefore, the player will lose the game and the competitor will automatically be declared the winner.

These are examples of invalid sets and sequences:

Scenario for invalid set: 10 ♠ 10 ♠ 10 10 ♣ Q

This set has more than three cards, however, the cards must be of different suits of the same value. This example has 10♠10♠, this makes it invalid. In this situation, the player can drop one 10♠. The Q is the wildcard joker.

Scenario for invalid sequence: 10 ♠ 10 10 10 ♣    5 ♠ 5 5 ♦    6 ♠ 6 6 ♣    9 9 PJ

In this example, there are no sequences – pure and impure sequences are missing. This hand is made up of sets, hence it is an invalid declaration.

Scenario for invalid sequence: K K ♠ K     6 7 PJ    9 ♠ 10 ♠ J ♠ PJ    5 ♠ 5 5

In this example, there are two sequences, but they are impure sequences i.e. sequence with joker. The pure sequence is missing. It is compulsory to have a pure sequence before you make a declaration.

Scenario for invalid sequence: Q Q ♠ Q ♦    6 7 8 9 ♥    5 ♠ 5 5     10 ♠ 10 10

In this example, the hand has three sets and one pure sequence. For a valid declaration, a hand must have a minimum of two sequences, where a pure sequence is compulsory. The other sequence can be a pure or impure sequence. Thus, this hand fails to meet the criteria for a valid declaration.

Important tip: On forming a valid declaration, you need a spare, unwanted card to place in the finished slot. So, keep a card at hand and declare when it is your turn.

In the mix of emotions, stay calm and analyze the cards carefully. An invalid declaration can cost you heavily, especially in a rummy cash game. Before you declare, check and recheck your cards and then press the button. An invalid declaration can turn even a winning game into a complete loss. So, calm the nerves, play the game, and declare at the right time. So downlaod what’s touted as the best Rummy app or simply play on the website – Happy playing to you.

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