10 Things You Should Do If You Are Feeling Stressful Lately

10 Things You Should Do If You Are Feeling Stressful Lately

10 Things You Should Do If You Are Feeling Stressful Lately

Are you, time and again, feeling stressful of late unable to overcome it? Well, you are not alone. It happens to everyone nowadays. As a matter of fact, the existing lifestyle has made sure that it is impossible to eradicate stress totally. Having said that, by doing certain things, one can at least learn to cope with stress. Let us now see ten such things which can effectively prove to be stress relievers, when followed meticulously.

Go to a park or beach:

In this busy life, where you are required to work relentlessly on your toes wary of deadlines, it is quite common for anyone to get trampled under the wheels of the nemesis called “stress.” Give yourself a break for an hour or two in the evening or perhaps better part of your day during weekends and make your way to enjoy the beauty of the nature by visiting a nearby park or beach. When you go alone to a park or a beach, you will be surprised and fascinated by the calming influence that it can have on you. Just how a dead battery gets recharged, you can have yourself recharged before coming back to the real world. It’s not always that you need your love interest to accompany you to park and beach like they show in films.

Keep a pet with you:

So, you cannot expect another stressful person to come and relieve you of stress, isn’t it? Instead why don’t you try and pet a dog or a cat or perhaps even a rabbit and spend some time with it? You can sit and enjoy seeing their funny antics given the way they eat, sleep and play. The innocence in their looks and the affection that they show will immediately help you forget the stressful day you had.

Listening to music:

Music is another stress reliever that can touch your heart instantly taking to another world. Whenever you feel stressed, spend some quality time by listening to music wearing earphones. Keep your eyes closed and enjoy the songs sung by your favorite singers. While doing so, always choose to listen to songs which carry some soul in it. Well if you are fond of singing rather than listening then it is totally your choice. But then make sure that you do not pass on your stress to others!

Watch comedy shows/movies:

No matter how much stressed out you are, when you start laughing loud whole heartedly, you can feel totally eased out of it. Maybe you can keep some comedy shows or movies downloaded on your mobiles or pen drive. Whenever you are feeling dull, watch those movies/shows and chuckle long and hard till you experience pain in your belly. No pain no gain after all.  Your stress would have bid you goodbye for the day.

Have Chewing gums:

Medically chewing gums is believed to be a great stress buster. A look on a person chewing bubble gum will tell you that he just cares about nothing. It seems this act of chewing gum activates vagus nerve that helps induce relaxation. In fact, the legendary master blaster of world cricket, Sir Vivian Richards once said that chewing gums while batting had kept him cool and that it had further helped him taking his mind away from the pressure. So, there is a living example. If not for anything you talk less while chewing gums. At times it’s better to keep calm and stop arguing. Half your problem is solved right?

Play online games:

When you are suffering from stress, you need to focus on something that can successfully divert you of negative things. If you keep thinking of your failures that came your way on a particular day or the laborious tasks awaiting the next day, you can never be at peace. So, shift your focus on playing online games. There are millions of such games available on mobiles awaiting to be downloaded like online Rummy, Candy Crush, Chess, Fantasy Cricket etc. You can play them leisurely as many of the games are available 24×7. Playing rummy cash game is easily one of the best ways to combat stress.

Do some Yoga:

If you are asked to list out ten major points which can make you proud to say that you are an Indian, the practice of Yoga should be placed right on top. After all, Yoga originated from India and the whole of the world celebrate a day on its name on June 21st isn’t it? So, attend yoga classes and practice this art which can literally be a permanent cure for your stress filled life. Being an Indian how can you miss out on something which is our country’s gift to the rest of the world?

Go for a walk:

If you want to escape from stress, do it literally. Yes, you can literally escape by going for a long walk for an hour or two. Each step that you take, takes you literally away from stress. You feel stressed when you are stationed in a particular place, be it home or work place. So move away from the place that sieges your mind and start walking. You may feel that you are now distanced far away from stress as you start walking. When you come back, you will have a relaxed mind and thus you can sleep peacefully too.

Call and talk to a friend:

It is always nice to share your feelings to a person who cares for you and whom you care for. So, ease the stress by dialing a friend of yours with positive vibes. Talk as long as possible for hours together or at least start exchanging texts. “A friend in need is a friend in deed” after all. So, who else but your friend can come to your rescue offering solace? But whichever friend you choose to dial just make sure he is good in cracking jokes and keep you happy. Otherwise you may end up counseling him free of cost!!

Start dancing:

When nothing seems to work for you, play a jarring music and start dancing as long as you can. Do not bother about the steps or moves and just dance the way you know it. You don’t need training for that. Prabhudeva is not going to judge you. Just jump and dance as long as you feel exhausted. Once you feel exhausted, start all over again after a brief rest. This will surely relieve you of stress.

So next time when you are in distress, kill it by following any of the methods prescribed above. For sure, you would have bidden adieu to your stress until next time when it comes to taunt you again. When you know to come out of stress you can successfully overcome it as many times as possible. A Rummy game download, A yogic posture, A long walk, Dancing – quite a lot of options to choose from after all.

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