Thoughts That Run Through A Rummy Player’s Mind

Thoughts That Run Through A Rummy Player’s Mind

Thoughts That Run Through A Rummy Player’s Mind

Our minds are constantly processing information. We are always thinking of a million things. Even when we are playing online rummy, our minds are churning data to help us make important decisions. Rummy is an enjoyable game even though it is a skilled-based card game. Whether you win or not, there is a sense of exhilaration in the body, joy in the heart, and rejuvenation in the mind. So, we went undercover in rummy players’ mind and found some unique and interesting thoughts. Find out if you have the same thoughts while playing rummy.

Thought : ‘Am I playing with an experienced player?’

When you do rummy download on your smartphone or any device and start playing, you are paired against other like – minded people. The only way to identify them is when their usernames are visible. You may have wondered who are Rahul_456, shahR, Guinea_Pig, or Prats.Yadav. Their login id is the only information you have about them, but there are so many questions you want ask them. From where are you playing, are you from the same city, how experienced are you at rummy, and many other similar questions may have crossed your mind. Sometimes the username is so unusual such as coolbro* or dude1987, you wonder, what are their personalities in real life?

Based on the username, you can get a hint of your opponent’s personality. For example, you can assume that the user with the name Guinea_pig, loves this small animal. But you can also form a picture of him or her based on the moves. If they are quick at making decisions, swift at picking or discarding cards, you feel like they have the upper hand, or they are experienced players. You can also identify a trick, if you are a rummy-savvy person—if someone who is using rummy tips and tricks to bluff the opponents, if you will be able to guess their next move.

Thought : ‘How to win this game.’

Online rummy is a fast-paced game. So, your mind is constantly bouncing off ideas to form suitable card combinations with the 13 cards that you have in your hand. You are thinking about a strategy that can give you the upper edge to win. You are thinking of using tips to bluff your opponent or misdirect them so that they struggle to guess your cards. There are so many ideas running through your mind, so that you can figure out how to win this game.

Thought : ‘This is getting exciting.’

As the game progresses, you are one card away from declaring, and you can sense the end is near, but it could still be anyone’s game. This is when your heart is pumping with excitement. You just want to declare and win this round, but there are other fellow players who can declare before you. You are restless, but in a good way. You are thrilled that you could win real cash prize any moment. So, you start invoking higher powers to help you to victory.

Thought : ‘Love to take a break and play rummy.’

If you have a busy day, you can relate to this. You are balancing work and personal life, which is tiring and stressful; you just want to take a break and relax your mind. Rummy is like a comfortable food for the mind. You are excited to play rummy online for real money or for free practice games. Plus, your mind and body are relieved that you have slowed down and you are engaging in some light activity.

Thought : ‘Want to tell everyone about the game.’

Now that you won the game and your ranking is high, you just want to tell everyone how much real cash prize you have won. Your heart is flooded with happiness and your mind is floating on the clouds. It is an amazing feeling when you win, and it is indescribable in words.

Rummy is a skilled-based game that rejuvenates a tired mind. Even though it involves planning every move, you feel the thrill of the game. And most of the time, we have at least one of these thoughts racing through our minds.

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