To Play Rummy or Not to Play: That Is the Question


One of the biggest questions that any rummy player faces when sitting on a game table is should you play the hand or drop out. We already know that dropping out of the game at the beginning of the game is much safer in terms of points as compared to making a middle drop or dropping out towards the end. But what are the situations when you should play on and when you should drop the hand. Let’s take a look at how to play rummy to pick and drop when it comes to online rummy.

You don’t really like the cards you got

As the game starts, you see the cards and you are not really fond of it. You may think that it would be difficult to win the game with the given set of cards and you decide to drop the game. Is it the right decision? Well, we would say no. Even, if you have got cards that don’t make the game easy for you, you can play on and improve on it. Rummy is the game of skill and with the right approach you can definitely win the game in no time.

High Value Cards

This is another situation that makes players quit the game easily. Getting high value cards like King and Queen without strong in between cards, increases the point load and one very obvious reaction to this situation is to discard the game. However, high value cards are not necessarily a dead weight and you definitely don’t need to quit a game for it. The smart way to go about it is to replace the high value cards with wild card or Joker as soon as possible. This way you are not really stuck with the cards and can play on confidently.

Don’t have any Joker cards

If you don’t have any Joker cards to begin the game with, then it is a good decision to drop out of the game. It is difficult to win a rummy game, if you don’t have any Joker or wild cards in your hand. It is on your confidence and skill level to decide if you want to play on or drop out of the game. If you are playing a cash game, the best thing to do is to keep your loss to minimum and drop out of the game at the start. Check rummy rules before playing any cash game online.

The middle drop

This is where you are definitely not confident whether to drop or continue playing. As the game has progressed you realise that it is not going the way you expected. Hence, should you drop out or play on. There can be two situations in this circumstance. If you feel that you have at least a 60% possibility to win the game, you should play on. However, if it is the other way round, it is better to drop out. You will lose some points, however it will not be as much if you decide to quit much later.

When you are playing rummy, remember to play smart. Anticipate how the game is going to proceed and then plan your move.

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