Top Entertaining Ways To Win Prizes

Top Entertaining Ways To Win Prizes

Top Entertaining Ways To Win Prizes

Imagine doing things that excite you and win prizes too. Isn’t that amazing! Most of us are submerged in household chores and work. So, how about taking time out for something exciting. There are interesting and fun things to do, where you can win prizes for instance playing rummy games, going to a fair, participating in a dance competition, entering a marathon, and many more things. In a way it unleashes your creative energy and there is a sense of happiness when you engage in these things. So, why not tap into these entertaining options in your spare time and stand an opportunity to win free prizes.

Rummy Time: Playing rummy is one of the most popular ways in India to pass time. Rummy is an all-time favourite card game that is now available online. The best part about playing it online is that you have an opportunity to win real cash prizes. In order to take home your winnings, you have to understand the rummy rules, hone your rummy skills, and enter one of the various paid games. If you want to win big prizes, then the best place to play rummy is RummyCircle. After all it is one of the longest running rummy platforms and a popular place to play online rummy. So, combine your pass time of playing rummy and win incredible rewards.

Dance Competition: There are some many dance competitions on television. If you are bitten by the dancing bug, then join a dance class, sharpen your dancing skills, and participate in dance competitions. There are many local competitions especially during festive occasions that are organised in the neighbourhood and they offer good prizes. Once you build your confidence in these contests take it up a notch with city-wide contests. In these competitions, you can with amazing prizes. What is great about dance contests is that they are fun, exciting, and you can win rewards. Also, these contests are held on the weekends, so you can participate in them during your free time. Join other contestants and show off your dancing skills.

Marathon Mania: Marathon is a huge fitness trend, but it is also exhilarating, and you learn more about yourself. The feeling you experience at the end of the marathon is happiness multiplied into 10 times. You have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the race that is coated with cheerfulness. Besides, you can win amazing prizes at these marathons that can include real cash rewards, medals, and certificates. In India, there are numerous marathons that happen throughout the year and are held on the weekends. Some of the quirky ones are heritage run, where you run through the ruins of Hampi or night marathon, where you run under the moonlight. You also have colour run, virtual marathon, family marathon, and many such runs. So, take part in them and win fabulous prizes.

Go to the Fair: Mela as most Indians call it, is a fun place where your inner child comes out to play. India has several fairs organised in various metros and smaller cities as well as villages. At the fair, there are stalls that have various games. If you win at a game, you stand an opportunity to win prizes too, that is the best part about fairs. You play games such as knock out the tin cans placed like a pyramid, throw a hoop on items laid out, throw darts, aim for the balloons, and many more. It is a fun experience and super entertaining. It is a completely different feeling when you get to take home the prizes. So, check out when there is a fair in your city and clear your weekend for a memorable day.

Party Perfect: Some may agree, some may disagree, but parties that have games are fun. The most common party game in India is housie, where you can win prizes. Whether it is a party with family or in the building or neighbourhood, games are integral to such parties. So, if you have an itch to win rewards, then make your way to such parties. You get to meet loved ones and acquaintances, but also have a good time.

After a busy day or week, you want to do something fun. These things are a perfect blend of entertainment, thrill, and fun.

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