Top 5 Leisure Activities To Turn Fried Day To Happy Friday

Top 5 Leisure Activities To Turn Fried Day To Happy Friday

Top 5 Leisure Activities To Turn Fried Day To Happy Friday

We are at the end of the working week and we are exhausted. The stress of work pressures can bring you down, the travelling is taking a toll of you, and weekly personal life is limited to couple of hours. Even though it is Friday, you feel completely fried. You want a pick-me-up to uplift you and de-stress after working hours. There are some unique stress relieving activities that most people will not tell you about such as participating in food events, playing rummy online, attending a cultural event, going for a stand-up comedy show, among other things. So, turn around your fried day into a happy Friday.

Food Fest – A Feast for the Soul

Indians love food, we are big foodies. Plus, we are blessed with varied cuisines across the country. In addition, international cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, and American are making its way into mainstream restaurants. This has opened the doors to food festivals at various restaurants in different cities. So, gather your pals and head to one of these festivals near you. Indulge in cuisines or dishes that is a spectacle for the eyes and a celebration on the palate. Food fests are a great way to unwind after a busy week with friends or even with family. Food is a comfort for the soul, and it brings happiness to the mind. So, this Friday pick a food fest that offers something different or familiar that you love.

Online Gaming Frees the Mind

There were endless things to do in a week. You are reeling underneath the pressure to excel and complete all the tasks. When you reach the end of the week, lift up your spirit with some online gaming. You may think it is tiring, but actually it is a lot of fun and it is more exciting than anything. One of the best online games to relieve you is Indian rummy that you can play on your smartphone. It is absolutely legal to play it and it is a light-size game to download. It also brings back memories of the time you played rummy with your family and extended family too. The online game and these memories tap into your happiness and just what is needed on a tiring Friday.

Let Live Acting Lighten You Up

Not every movie will put a smile on your face and after a point there are limited movies that you want to watch. However, there are several stand up comedy shows, poetry recitals, and plays showcasing every week in lots of Indian cities. Find the one that appeals to your interests or you can try out different entertainment formats when you go out on Friday. Live shows have a completely different aura about them. For instance, when you go for a play, the story telling grips you and you feel for the characters. As it is a live show, you are immersed in the acting and helps you forget about real life problems. You walk out from the performance refreshed, enlightened, and happy that you went for the show.

Game On! Release Negative Energy on the Turf

Many metros lack sporting grounds to play cricket, football, kabbadi, or basketball. However, malls and business centres have allotted space to create rinks, where you can play sports. You have a designated space for a specific amount of time and the floodlights turn darkness into day. It is an ideal way to bond with your friends after work. Also, it is a healthy way to exercise as well as release any negativity. When your mind is tired from working all day, rejuvenate it playing sports. So, ping your friends, book the turf, and enjoy a fun game on Friday.

Dance Away the Worries

You have clubbing, then you have Latin ballroom social nights in major Indian cities. If you are looking to break free from work, then this is what you need. Salsa is one of the biggest Latin dance forms that is attracting Indians. It may seem like high-class thing to do or it is difficult, but you are can try it for free when ballroom classes have their social night. They offer free trial sessions to learn the few basic steps to get into the rhythm. If you do not have a partner, you can team up with other solo enthusiasts at the venue. Also, it is a great way to socialise and make new friends. Dancing and developing friendships have a direct effect to reducing your stress and making you happier.

By the time Friday arrives you are tired, but there is a flutter of excitement. Why not start the weekend on a positive, upbeat note? These activities strike out the exhaustion and springs new life in you. So, what are your plans for this Friday?

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