Top Rummy Strategy That Expert Players Will Not Tell You

Top Rummy Strategy That Expert Players Will Not Tell You

Top Rummy Strategy That Expert Players Will Not Tell You

In India, one of the ideal ways to relax is to play rummy with your circle of friends. It is a great way to bond, laugh, and be happy. If you have played this game multiple times, you know it involves strategizing. So is the case when you play rummy online. Your mind is bursting with ideas and plans to quickly form sequences and sets.

There are several ways to play rummy smartly, but different people use different strategies to win. So, what are these rummy playing strategies? Should you try them next time you play an online rummy game?

There is just one golden rule to rummy – form a pure sequence, impure sequences, and sets. Let’s find what are the different rummy strategies that will help you win. Which one is suitable for you? And which is the most popular rummy strategy among Indians?

In this country, we play Indian Rummy, which is played with 13 cards. So, players generally try one or more of the following strategies.

1) Guess Your Opponent’s Hand: Rummy is a game of skill and this is one of the ways to display your mind’s abilities. It involves using your memory and mathematical skills to figure out what your opponent has in hand.

What you have to do is see what your fellow players are picking up from the discard pile. If they take, for example, 5 of hearts then they are trying to make a sequence around it. Similarly, when they put down a card, you know which cards are useless to them. Therefore, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and avoid throwing cards that will help them.

2) Confuse The Opponent: One suggestion that rummy players will tell you, is lose the high-value cards. In rummy, when your opponent declares, your score has to be as less as possible. Hence, this move will help you lower your score in such a scenario. But to confuse other players at the table, throw down few low-value cards and take cards from the open deck. The other opponents will think you are close to declaring, and they will be in a hurry to declare. This will just create an intense gameplay and this method is used by experienced rummy players. It is also known as baiting fellow players.

3) Play The Joker Card: On the online rummy platform, there are two types of jokers – printed joker that comes with the pack and a card that is selected to be the joker as well as its suits. The best way to use it, is to club it with cards to reduce your points. For instance, if you have a Jack and Queen as well as 2 and 3 of spades, use the joker with Jack and Queen to form a sequence. If you lose that game, 2 and 3 of spades will be totaled and you will have a lower score. As you know, lower the score better the ranking.

The Favourite Rummy Strategy

When Indians play 13-card rummy, there is one strategy that they execute as soon as the cards are dealt. It is a strategy that is common and most favoured among Indians – group the cards appropriately and focus your attention to form a pure sequence right at the beginning.

When you get your 13 cards, quickly decide which cards can be clubbed together to sort them into the right groups. Put all your attention in creating a pure sequence first; without it you cannot declare and win.

So, group your cards in such a way that you plan your moves in advance. All this planning has categorised rummy as a game of skill. Every player needs a plan when it comes to playing online rummy. You need to be aware of all the cards in your hand, which increases your scope of winning. Hence, it is important to sort your cards correctly, initially itself, as it will prevent you from discarding a valuable card.

Another trick for grouping cards is to collate them based on colour. Alternate the grouping of cards between red and black, so that your eyes can easily make quick decisions. For instance, place the sequence of hearts first, then sequences of spades, so on and so forth.

Many Indians agree that your initial moves set the tone for the game. If you clearly sort your cards, you are aware of which cards you need, and you are playing rummy wisely.

Once you have a strategy in place, you can enjoy playing online rummy. Another feature that is appealing to many Indians is that you play rummy online real money. Yes! You can win real cash rewards. Join the game, pick your strategy, and enjoy the game.

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