Are Smartphones Just For Selfies? Here’s Something BIG You’re Missing

Are Smartphones Just For Selfies Here’s Something BIG You’re Missing

Are Smartphones Just For Selfies Here’s Something BIG You’re Missing

Do you spend a significant part of your day hooked to your smartphone? Are you obsessed with clicking selfies in various angles and painstakingly editing them for your social media feeds? If yes, you’re like most millennials who are fixated on documenting their life in pictures. But your smartphone is a device that can do a lot more than taking spectacular photos. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

Using Your Smartphone For Gaming

Smartphones have not only become fantastic replacements for cameras but are also a source of entertainment. Gone are the days when it was only about social media apps. Or entertainment being limited to watching funny videos. You can now stream original content online, check out the latest news and do a lot of fun stuff. Especially with the wide range of online games that have come up in the past few years, you can really make the most of your smartphones when it comes to being entertained.

While you might think that the online gaming sphere is just for kids and teenagers with games like BATTLEGROUNDS and PUBG ruling the download list, there exists several online skill and strategy-based games that will keep you entertained for hours. If you’re not into shooting games but are looking for something more intellectually stimulating, sign up for a rummy game on your smartphone.

Download Exciting Games On Your Smartphone

After a long day’s work, you need a rejuvenating break. It’s easy to do that when you download the RummyCircle app from the website and play rummy online. Seasoned players need no telling that a card game offers mental stimulation, improves memory, and can win you exciting prizes as well. You could argue that playing online will never be half as satisfactory as your late-evening sessions with your friends in real life. However, in reality, there are many ways you can entertain yourself with a game of rummy just on your smartphone.

Play Anywhere, Any Time

While the daily grind could seem never-ending, leaving little time for anything else, especially those late-evening meetups with friends, you can look online for your daily entertainment. The biggest advantage of playing games online is that you can start a game anywhere and at any time. Whether it is a long journey to the client’s office or while waiting for a mail; whenever and wherever you get an opportunity, you have access to your favourite game at a click.

Choose Your Own Game

It is challenging to find people who are well-versed in the different styles of a particular game offline. Take the case of a rummy card game. Some understand Points Rummy while others might be more inclined to Deal Dummy or Pool Rummy. But when you are playing on an online website like RummyCircle, you can pick the style you are most comfortable with and find ready players for any type of rummy card game.

Play For Cash Or Not

There’s no compulsion for you to pledge your entire wallet on a game. On RummyCircle, you are your own boss, and you decide whether you want to play for cash or just enjoy a casual game. But if you do play for money, you stand to win attractive cash prizes every day. Do go through the rules before you participate though.

Cheating Is Off The Table

While playing offline, you have probably always been in suspicion of the dealer not shuffling the pack properly or the person to your left constantly spying on the cards you are picking up. When you are playing online, you are free from such doubts and can focus on your game.

RummyCircle is safe and secure, and you can be assured that all your payments are conducted through a safe gateway. The players you encounter are real people, and every detail is encrypted end-to-end.

Meet Strangers, Become Friends

You have the option to share your game progress on social media. This means you can add a lot of people who share your love for rummy, to your friends’ list. Playing rummy online is not just about entertainment, it’s also an opportunity for you to network and expand your circle!

Friendly User Interface

Apps like RummyCircle offer a simple and easy-to-use interface. It is designed keeping in mind the target audience. Even the average middle-aged person who might complain about the complexities of smartphones, seeking the help of his children at every step, will barely take any time to understand the game. Most importantly, the website requires minimum data connectivity and works well, even with a 2G connection.

It is undoubtedly time to put your smartphone to use beyond WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Rekindle your passion for gaming, flex those mental muscles, and join RummyCircle to become a part of the cool gang. All with the help of your smart device.

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