What Does Your Birthstone Say About Your Rummy Game

Remember your childhood, when you saw adults wrapping their fingers in stones of all colors and sizes? Possibly you assumed that it was a magical way of making things happen. But, did you know that the same birthstone can affect the way you conduct yourself, manage your career and even how to play rummy and win games? Yes, it is true. Wouldn’t believe us? Pick your birthstone and see it for yourself.

January born are sensitive players

Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet birthstone is associated with January born. The stone is even known to prevent nightmares. But, when we talk about rummy game play, it will make you sensitive and considerate to the world around you. With high energy levels and sharp intelligence, January born should focus on playing rummy in an aggressive style. If you wait for too long, trying to observe what moves your opponent make, then it could cost the game.

February born are easily bored

Birthstone: Amethyst

Even though February born are creative in nature, their observation and sharp memory helps them in making extremely complex rummy moves. Yes, they get bored quite easily and that’s why rummy is a highly-suited game for them. With different moves and strategies in every game, a player can never get bored playing rummy. Right from remembering cards to grouping and regrouping them, these players should never be taken lightly. Amethyst help these players keep calm. Meaning, they don’t easily get distracted, annoyed or stressed.

March born are self-focused and determined

Birthstone: Aquamarine

A very positive person welcomes you whenever you meet a person born in March. Happy, with a clear focus is how March born conduct themselves. It is not surprising that the same emotion reflects in their rummy games as well. You will rarely find these players giving up on a weak hand. Yes, they know how to turn things around. They are self-focused and keep a close watch on their cards. If they see a problem they’ll get to the root of it and fix it. If you meet a player like this, remember their patience and calmness runs very deep.

April born can get stubborn at times

Birthstone: Diamond

We love diamonds but when it becomes the birthstone then it means, it suits you best. Diamond is strong and hard to break and so are the people who are born in April. Stubborn, strong and going aggressively after their goal, is the common way to identify an April born rummy player. These players will bounce back easily from anything. Even if they lose a game, they smile, take it in their stride and move on to the next game. You’ll never find these rummy players giving up easily or being on a low. However, control the stubbornness. It can sometime work in the negative aspect as well.

What Does Your Birthstone Say About Your Rummy Game

May born are simply practical to the core

Birthstone: Emerald

Practical, ambitious and rationale are the best ways to describe a May born person. These traits are also quite important in rummy. Looking at the game from a practical standpoint and making quick calculations come naturally to them. Emerald helps these players look into all aspects carefully and then make their move. These players are also very strong in making financial calculations. Hence, these players balance their cash flow and never chase their losses, even if they lose big in a rummy game.

June people are a delight to be with

Birthstone: Pearl

Completely sociable, you’ll find them with a big smile at all times. But, does that mean they take their rummy game lightly? On the contrary, their inquisitive nature makes them take a hard and close look at the cards and observe the moves closely. Even though they are light hearted, focus is always maintained. So, never think that they are not paying attention to the game.

July players will just never bluff

Birthstone: Ruby

July people are quite easy to spot. With a bit of showiness and style about them, they love attention and demand it as well. They are incredibly self-confident and it shows in each and everything they do. Ruby birthstone attracts good luck and the players know exactly how to use it to their advantage. They play with full confidence, don’t make unnecessary moves and know where they are going. It is always a pleasure to play with these players.

August born stand out with their charismatic style

Birthstone: Peridot

Stunning, magnetic and intellectual are the best way to describe the August born people. They know what they are doing and they know how to do it well. When they are on the rummy table, their complete focus is on the game, observing every move of the opponent. Their sharp minds make mental notes of all cards in the hand and can draw quick calculations with ease.

September people are quite observant

Birthstone: Sapphire

These people are totally calm on the outside. They hardly ever lose their cool and enjoy playing rummy a lot. Tension doesn’t get to them easily and they can easily perform under pressure. They are also fiercely intelligent and one should never under estimate them. Sapphire is all about dignity, loyalty and wisdom. On the rummy table, you’ll find them playing calmly having the complete understanding of the game.

October people can get restless very easily

Birthstone: Opal

Great friends who love to chat, October born people are always seeking for peace. However, they get restless very easily and need to focus over and over again. This can act as a limit in their rummy game. But, their sharp mind observes and brings them back on track in a short span of time. The birthstone Opal helps bring riches and calmness to the October born.

November born follow the rules to the very end

Birthstone: Citrine

They walk with a mysterious air around them. Totally calm and controlled on the outside, they are always planning on the inside. As rummy players, they can be quite aggressive. They never accept defeat and fight till the very end. The birthstone Citrine helps keep good luck on their side and help soar to new heights.

December are the wise and the confident

Birthstone: Turquoise

Walking around with the confidence of a thousand years, these people know exactly where they are going. As rummy players, they are strong in their game and make sharp and accurate moves. There will hardly be a loose end when these players are on the table. The birthstone turquoise keeps them protected from all kind of health and mental worries.

No matter, what’s your lucky birthstone, with the right approach and strategy you can become a strong rummy player in no time. So, join us at RummyCircle and start playing cash rummy games now.

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