Club Players : What Should Occasional Players Look Out For…

Club Players : What Should Occasional Players Look Out For…

Club Players : What Should Occasional Players Look Out For…

You are a club player, but you play sporadically. However, you may miss out on the best tournaments that have amazing prizes. Why lose out on entertaining tournaments! Here are a few hacks to maintain your connection with the game.

Turn on the notifications

There are times when you are so occupied that you hardly get to open the RummyCircle app. In such scenarios you will miss out on fun tournaments, exciting prizes, and the best offers. The ideal way to reap the benefits would be to turn on the notification. It helps you stay connected to the rummy platform. You are aware of the tournaments and you can pick a tournament you want to participate in. This way you are in the loop about discounts, bonuses, rewards, and much more. You get to decide on the tournament you want to join and play. This feature is perfect for occasional players, so keep your notification ON.

Keep tabs on offline tournaments

You will have an idea of the upcoming mega offline tournaments. Bookmark the tournaments you want to enter in your calendar. You can prepare for it – schedule time, practice your rummy skills, play more games before joining the mega tournaments. The two of the biggest offline tournaments – World Rummy Championship and Grand Rummy Championship. This is where you come face to face with experienced players. Also, the prize pool runs into crores and the winner takes home real cash prizes that amount to lakhs.

The grand finale is held at an exquisite hotel, at a fabulous, luxury destination. The finalists of the tournaments are treated like VIPs and all expenses are paid for. From food to stay, they are living in the lap of luxury. It is an experience like no other. The rummy finalists celebrate the card game and the joy of playing rummy on a mega scale. These are the tournaments you want to participate in and enjoy the benefits.

Don’t miss the festive tournaments

Throughout the year, you’ll find RummyCircle, one of the best Rummy apps, brimming with rummy tournaments to celebrate various festivals. For instance, for Diwali, there is the Diwali Rummy Tournament. Likewise, for Makar Sankranti, there is the Sankranti Rummy Tournament. So, is the case for the Christmas Tournament, Holi Rummy Party, and many more. When a big festival is around the corner, tune in to the app and check out the details for these festive tournaments. Don’t miss the registration date or the opportunity to win at a big tournament. After all, the prize pool for these tournaments are massive too. These are moments in the year, you should connect back to the game and enjoy the perks. It actually adds a sparkle to the festivity, especially when you win real cash prizes.

Click on the promotion section

If you are an occasional player who is looking for exciting tournaments, then you will find it in the Promotions page. Bookmark this page as it has all the relevant updates, information, and tournaments that are coming up. Besides, this page has additional information on benefits for loyal players. So, keep coming back to the page to stay on top of the most exciting tournaments.

These are the best ways an occasional player is aware of the thrilling activities on the platform. You can play certain contests every now and then but look out for these interesting and fun-filled tournaments. Rummy just keeps getting better and better, so stay tuned.

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