When Apps turn to People

When Apps turn to People

When Apps turn to People

You just woke up and who is standing with a coffee cup and big smile saying Good Morning… your very own WhatsApp! What’s next, you have someone jumping up and down like crazy on your head… why? ‘Cause your best pal has gone river rafting. This is Facebook of course!

What happens when all your favourite apps, that you check end number of times, stand right in front of you and keep pushing updates right on your face. This is one crazy day when all your apps come alive.


Communicate the important and leave the unnecessary out

God forbid what will happen if you meet WhatsApp in its human avatar? If your Karma is strong, then you have no choice but to deal with it! You will realise how callous you have been in disturbing your friends and others by forwarding silly messages, not even bothered to read them before sharing. So, keep it S.S.S (Short, Sweet, Simple)!


Do you know that you can actually enjoy your holidays without checking in at Facebook?

A new Principal in town, who needs to know about each and every act of yours. Whether you are on a holiday, stuck in traffic or suffering from fever, this Principal… your dearest Facebook needs to know. After all, you are so used to updating your status like check-ins and check-outs on a daily basis isn’t it? Why to go that far? Even to make friends, you need to have his permission. Very frequently, you need to adjust his settings and see for the updates, some of which may be meaningless. You may feel that he is an updated one and try to enjoy certain liberties only to find he is the same old person.

So, how much do you want this Principal to know.


No bargains here please!

You may feel that by having the apps like Flipkart/Amazon as a human friend, you may get all you want sitting right at home. Just tell him the specifications of a product and he will get you the same by personally procuring it for you. But, there is nothing as good as your personal choice mind you! Flipkart/Amazon is after all not the genie which comes out of the magic lamp, mind you.


Best friend for life!

You are not at fault if you have ever thought of closing rest of the apps and keep only RummyCircle app. Once you are engaged with RummyCircle app, you will hardly find time dealing with other apps isn’t it? This friend of yours will help you learn the rummy rules by means of practise games. Once you are confident enough to face the challenges of online rummy, he will carefully walk you through the tournaments and cash games. You can win cash and party hard with him too!

Now tell us who wouldn’t like to have a best buddy who stands by them whether it is virtual or real!

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