If practising is the only key to playing real-cash games, shouldn’t all of us be a pro at playing online Rummy? The answer lies in the skill you have and not the time you’ve spent. They say you might spend 10 years learning something, but you learn only when you’re ready, sometimes in 10 minutes.

What does it teach you? Time < Practice + Focus

Ask yourself – Has the time come to play real cash games? There could be two definitive answers to this (of course!)– Yes or No. But just in case you just said ‘Maybe’, you’ve reached the right address! If you’ve been playing online Rummy for a few days now, you know what sets are, you are pro at implementing your strategies and skill, chances are you’d want to go for real-cash games. Here is a total of 10 signs to help you decide whether you’re ready or not –

1. Do you know the app inside out?

We don’t mean logging into the game and playing a practice game – have you explored every feature of the app so much so that you can just navigate through it like a pro? Welcome bonuses when you join? Or notifications every time a new tournament is out? Trust us, and if you don’t know this, it’s not a good sign.

2. Have you noticed a change in your decision-making abilities?

Congratulations on reaching the milestone that every Rummy player experiences every now and then. Rummy helps with strategy and decision-making capabilities only because it involves a lot of decisions and moves within the game.

3. You know quitting early is a win in Rummy, do you?

If not, wait for the right time to play rummy. Drop the cards at the very outset if you know you have got a lot of unmatched hands. You won’t lose with too many points if you quit early. Remember, the game is just for entertainment, and the nature of gaming says you can’t always win.

4. You know Rummy Variants by heart!

If you still get confused between point, deal, and pool Rummy – Give yourself some more time to let those concepts sink in. Or probably, just play a few more practice games by choosing different variants every time.

5. You play responsibly.

Moreover, you know what it is to play responsibly. First things first – you’re above 18 years of age. You’ve set your daily and monthly limit. You know the game is for entertainment and play only when you want to take a break from the hectic routine.

6. You keep a track of your deposits/savings.

Well, if you don’t know the difference between serious business and entertainment yet, it’s time to introspect and set your budgets properly. Do not try to recover losses or play Rummy to escape problems. The self-exclusion option lets you temporarily restrict from online gaming – and if you already knew about it – you could be a good fit to start playing real-cash games on the best real cash rummy apps, RummyCircle      

7.  A skilled opponent is your enemy?

If the answer to this question is yes – You’re mistaken!  A skilled opponent in the game of online Rummy should make you feel good since you get to learn new strategies every time you play. A good player will always give you a lesson at the end of the match.

8. Do you flaunt your online gaming skills – already?

Um, this one is a little tricky even for us. If you boast your skills, you’re either a really good player or you’ve just started. In either case, the end objective should revolve around learning more and flaunting less. Chances are, after a few practice matches, you’d think you’ve become an expert, but in reality, you’ve just begun. Take your own time to progress.

9. Are you a good observer, in game and in general?

No, we won’t judge you if you’re not. But the game of Rummy will require you to be observant of what the opponents are doing. You need to focus on the opponent’s moves, their strategy and what every move implies. It’s not just a game, it’s an amalgamation of skill, entertainment, and loads of life skills!

10. Have you made it to point 10?

This itself says you want to learn and know more about the game – this attitude will help you evolve as a good player. On the basis of these questions, this is your time to decide! *Drumrolls* – See you there! 


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