13 Cards Rummy or 21 Cards Rummy Game, which is better?

When it comes to playing card games with friends or family at times the house get divided. Some of us might be in favor of 13 Cards Rummy Game and some of us might prefer 21 Cards Game, let us try to answer the million dollar question –  13 Cards Rummy or 21 Cards rummy, which Card Game is better and why? The motto in both the Card Games is to arrange the cards into sets and sequences as soon as possible to win the game but let us try to find out which one is more exciting.

Game Duration – As we can see by the names, the prime difference in both the Rummy Games is of numbers of cards dealt, in 13 Cards Rummy Game we deal with 13 cards in one hand and in 21 cards rummy game we deal with 21 cards in one hand. So naturally, the game ends faster in 13 cards rummy game.

“Game Duration”, is in favor of 13 Cards Rummy Game.

Number of Decks used – The number of decks used in a 13 Cards Rummy Game is two; hence it makes the game shorter and ends more quickly. Whereas in 21 cards rummy game the number of decks used is three which makes the rummy game more strategic and tactical.
So real Rummy lovers like more tactical game and hence 21 Cards Rummy takes the lead here.

“Number of decks used”, is in favor of 21 Cards Rummy Game.

Value of Jokers – The relevance of joker in both Card Games is similar, that is to replace any required card to make a rummy sequence or a set. Though in 21 Cards Rummy we do have Value cards along with jokers, which function as jokers and also have additional points attached, and have the power to transform the entire Game. A hand of all the value cards makes it more challenging.
“Value of Jokers”, is in favor of 21 Cards Rummy Game.

Number of pure sequences – In a 13 Card Rummy Game only one pure sequence is required along with other sets and sequences whereas in 21 Card Rummy Game one needs at least three sequences which makes 13 Cards Rummy a much simpler version of the Card Game.
“Number of pure sequences”, is in Favor of 13 Cards Rummy Game.
It’s a Draw!!!

After looking at all the aspects of 13 Cards Rummy and 21 Cards Rummy Game, we can deduce that each type has its own levels of fun and excitement in them. Both the Indian Rummy Card Games have an edge over each other. It is more like a T20 match Versus one day cricket, some like it quick and crisp and some like it to be steady and extra strategic so ultimately one chooses as per your own gaming needs in the world of Rummy!!

After you let the basic concepts sink in, there is a lot more that Rummy can offer. If you have the rummy app downloaded, you’d know once you login, it’s like entering a zone full of possibilities and loads of tournaments.

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