All You Need To Know About Cash Limit

All You Need To Know About Cash Limit

All You Need To Know About Cash Limit

Right, so your phase of being a beginner to an intermediate player has translated you into an expert – and now is the time when you want to start playing with the real cash. While this many sound alluring and fantasizing, it all revolves around being a responsible player.

Before talking about what cash limit is and how to go about it, here are a few things that every player should keep in mind –

  • Understand how the game is played, give time to practices and forms of rummy – make sure when you enter real cash tournaments, you’ve understood the basic rules
  • One of the most popular card games, Rummy is a game of skill packed with entertainment and fun – besides, it’s legally acceptable and celebrated across the globe
  • Not chasing losses and confining yourself to your cash limit is one thing that takes you a long way
  • All variations of game at RummyCircle can be played with the real cash


Well, first things first – Register on the website wither through Facebook or putting in your details. You can now access games on the desktop site, mobile site, or thorugh rummy app. Based on your expertise and confidence, you can choose to go with the real cash games and select a variant from points, raise, deals, 101 pool, or 201 Pool Rummy. ‘Add Cash’ from the lobby and get started. The minimum amount to start with is INR 25/-.


It’s a standalone feature for players to limit the amount in your account on a monthly basis and is further extended into two categories comprising –

Monthly limit, which works on setting a limit by default using the history of players. The amount in this case can be changed depending on the maximum amount. For instance, if your limit is 10x, you can increase or decrease it to say, 3x or 9x, whatever you like, up to 10x. Once you reach the limit, you’ll be redirected to increase the limit and play.

24-hour limit is set by the system and largely depends on the validation of account. It is rolling limit, suppose, you have a 24-hour limit of 500, you can add 200 today and within 24 hours, you have the leeway to add 300 more.

If you’re curious about what your cash limits are, feel free to hit the tab ‘Add Cash Limit’ in ‘My Account’ section.


Per government’s regulations, tax deduction at source, which is TDS, can be applicable on your winnings. Although we recommend you stay updated with the exemption limits, it is currently 30% on winning amount of above INR 10,000/-.

The other seamless feature includes ‘Withdrawing Cash’ which allows players to withdraw their cash equal to or less than the withdrawable balance. Rules for Instant and regular withdrawals are based on the membership. You can read more about this here.

Well, there is always an interesting game waiting after you’ve had your daily dose of information. Enjoy!

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