Diwali Rummy Tournament – With Love, from RummyCircle

Diwali Rummy Tournament – With Love, from RummyCircle

Diwali Rummy Tournament – With Love, from RummyCircle

While you were busy researching and planning the ideas to become a ‘Crore’Pati, the team at RummyCircle was busy devising a plan for it. The big plan? Always skills!

The 12th edition of Diwali Rummy Tournament (DRT) is here and how! As we are inching towards the Finale, there must be a few of you who have no idea why we’re excited to break the news to you, DRT is an annual tournament held every year – and has now become synonymous with what is considered as the biggest Diwali tournaments in the online Rummy landscape.


The first prize, you ask. It’s INR 2 CRORES with a total prize pool of INR 6 CRORES!

If your Diwali didn’t get brighter with the highest prize money in the history of online Rummy ever, we don’t know what will. The excitement rushing through will be unstoppable now. Diwali spirit would be amped up. This Diwali will be like no other – as you enter the grand celebration with us!

Take home: In it’s 11th edition, RummyCircle saw more than a lakh registered players, 2.43 cash prizes, and over 300 prizes every hour, this year will definitely have more in store.  

Unlike previous editions, DRT is based on the game-changing Points Rummy format this time, and follows new rules. For instance, a rebuy option will now be available. Every tournament will be time bound and have a specific timeline to it. Consistency in your performance will now be taken into consideration with scores getting forward to the next round. Go and check out the details of new rules here – FAST!

The Schedule?

STEP 1 – Light those Diyas

STEP 2 –  Hide ‘em crackers

STEP 3 – Now turn your skills on!


Do you see yourself closer to the prize money? How will you if you don’t know the schedule yet. A few important things before you set yourself on the journey of biggest Diwali Rummy tournaments in India

  • Update your rummy app before participating in DRT – This stands for both iOS and Android user
  • The tournament is valid for cash players ONLY
  • Any DRT-related ticket issued during the tournament will be non-transferrable and entitle players to participate in respective tournaments
  • Cash prizes will be credited to the winner’s account after the completion of DRT Finale.

Schedule for the game would be this –

As we come towards the Grand Finale, we can’t contain the excitement – we can pretty much imagine what you must be feeling like. While everything you need to know about the tournament can be accessed from here, here’s a little mantra of success from us – Let yourself dive deeper into practice games! They’ll help you become a pro at the game – and probably fulfill the dream of you becoming a millionaire too! Good luck playing the game and winning dollops of abundance, prosperity and brightness, in DIWALI RUMMY TOURNAMENT. 

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