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Diwali Rummy Tournament

The DRT qualifiers are live now.

Let us explain to you how the new points rummy tournament format works:

  • Game table details:

    When you join a points rummy tournament -this is how your Rummy table will look like. Click on View Rank, check all tournament related details - hand assist for animation

    Each tournament has a fixed time duration with each round having a specific time limit as shown. When you start the tournament - each round will have the timer visible indicating time left.

    Note :There are no fixed number of deals here - you can play as many deals in the time limit specified.

  • Game starts

    When the tournament starts, every player will get equal number of chips

  • Leaderboard ranking

    For example, the tournament starts with 1000 chips given to each player. As the tournament continues- the chip balance will increase or decrease based on your performance. This chip balance will decide your rank on the leaderboard.

  • Criteria to qualify to the next round:

    Qualification to the next round is dependent on your chip balance.

    For instance the tournament started with 1000 chips being given to every player. The minimum chips required to continue playing in the current round is 800 & the minimum chips required to qualify into next round is 1200 as shown here. When your chip balance goes below 800 - you will be eliminated immediately. If you have a chip balance of >= 1200 chips you will qualify to the next round

  • On dropping a hand

    As soon as you drop a hand you will be moved to a different table and the game will start immediately.

    Note : In last 30 seconds of a round - no new deal will start

  • Rebuy:

    When your chip balance falls below the required balance to continue playing in the current round - a Rebuy option will be given to you - IF AND ONLY IF you have sufficient account balance for the Rebuy transaction

  • Successful rebuy:

    On clicking on rebuy - the rebuy value will be deducted from your balance and the rebuy chips will be credited to your chip balance. You can continue playing in the same tournament.

  • Extra time

    When the allocated time for a round is over and you have still not completed your deal - an extra time will be allocated. This will be visible as shown in red
    If the deal is not completed in this extra time then - the deal will be force- stopped . However no points will be deducted or added for this particular deal for players remaining on the table.

  • On elimination :

    If you get eliminated and want to view your rank, you can do so by visiting the ‘MY GAMES’ section here…

    OR - you can also visit the My Games section - from the tournament lobby by clicking on View Results

    On clicking on View Results

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