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Diwali Rummy Tournament

Diwali Rummy Tournament FAQ's

Got questions? Find answers to all your queries about the 9th Annual Diwali Rummy Tournament below.




  • Q. What is a Super Satellite?

    A Super Satellite is a special satellite that highly increases your chances of getting entry into the Sunday Grand Finale. The size of players in Super Satellites are way smaller than that of Shooters & Satellites, whereas the qualifier tickets distributed are higher in number which makes Super Satellites a better option. Check out the entry fees & registration time slots right here.

  • Q. Does playing a Super Satellite guarantee entry into the Sunday Grand Finale?

    In Week 1, 2 & 3 size of players in Super Satellites are comparatively smaller and ticket qualifier given out are higher, which makes Super Satellites even more awesome. But it does not guarantee you an entry into the Sunday Grand Finale. Instead, players are required to win the Super Satellite to qualify. However, in Week 4 you can get a guaranteed entry into the Sunday Grand Finale, simply by purchasing your Super Satellite ticket.

  • Q. What time does registration start for Satellites?

    There are various Satellites taking place each day. Check out the registration timings listed here.



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