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Like many of us, I have been an ardent fan of the age-old card game of India, the Indian Rummy. But as life moves at a fast pace, we do not have much time to play Rummy with friends. This is where one of my old friends’s hooked me up with RummyCircle.

RummyCircle is an online Rummy site which offers wonderful online Rummy experience. RummyCircle provides a wide-range of Rummy tournaments, payment options and lot of bonus offers. When it was recommended by the friend, I gave fair try to the games on RummyCircle and instantly fell in love with the games on their platform.

RummyCircle has a very crisp game-play with well-designed UX and neat card arrangement that makes playing Rummy simpler. In fact, if you have doubts in your mind that “Whether newbie’s in Rummy should create an account on RummyCircle”? than the answer is a firm ‘YES’. RummyCircle is an ideal website for Rummy enthusiasts, whether they are newbie’s or professional players.

RummyCircle offers a wide-range of tournaments – Practice Tournaments as well as Cash and Promotional Tournaments. Practice tournaments are FREE tournaments for the newbie Rummy players to help them gain confidence & attain mastery in the game of Rummy.

Cash Tournaments, as the name suggests are played with Real Cash and players first need to deposit money in their RummyCircle account’s before they can play these tournaments. There are lot of Cash Tournaments on RummyCircle – Weekend Loot, Club Tournaments, Sunday Masters, Daily Jackpots, Jumbo Tournaments and Reward Point Tournaments (to name a few).

RummyCircle has a variety of Payment Options. Money (in INR) can be added in your RummyCircle account through net-banking, Credit Card, Debit Card etc. Well, you only need to have money in your account when you have to participate in tournaments that involve playing with Cash. You should not worry a wee-bit about your money, your money is in safe hands when you have deposited in the RummyCircle account 🙂

You may ask “What if my money is lying in my RummyCircle account and my account becomes dormant”? Well, just like a bank where you have both deposit as well as withdrawal facility, in RummyCircle also you can withdraw funds available in your RummyCircle account at any time (the minimum withdrawal amount has to be Rs. 100). About payouts, you have an option of payouts through cheques too.

RummyCircle offers lot of Bonuses like Supreme bonus, Club Bonus and Friday bonus where the players get additional cash in their RummyCircle accounts!! Just like bonus offered in companies, Bonus offered to RummyCircle players is one of the driving forces on why Rummy enthusiasts choose RummyCircle.

RummyCircle has great collection of Rummy tutorials that helps players to understand Rummy rules. There are many players who were newbie’s when they joined RummyCircle but with repeated participation in Practice Tournaments, they are now able to complete with other Rummy patrons in Cash Tournaments.

We are sure that you would have the question “Whether Rummy is legal or not” languishing in your mind. As per the judgement passed by the Supreme Court of India, online Rummy is considered a game of skill and does not fall under the category of gambling. So, you can be rest assured that you are not gambling when you are competing with other Rummy players for Cash tournaments on RummyCircle.

Go ahead…take deep-dive into the world of online Rummy by creating an account on RummyCircle!!! If you have not downloaded RummyCircle, download the best online rummy app now.

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