How Mr. Bhaskar Phanindra made Rs. 3450 by bringing his friends to play rummy at ( Now

Today we will tell you the little known secrets of making money on (formerly This is a real life case of Mr. Bhaskar Phanindra who made Rs 3450 in a few days just by inviting his real friends to play rummy online at Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how you can earn money by inviting friends, we would like to remind you that inviting friends to play rummy and you earning money is just one good part; the other good part is that you can play rummy tournaments at (formerly and win cash prizes. In other words, (formerly gives you 2 distinct opportunities to make money.

Most of us spend a fair amount of time online and for some of us getting in touch with friends and family members is one of the prime reasons forgoing online, apart from learning new things about the fast changing world. Rummy is an age-old card game that everyone in India likes to play with friends and family members. But due to hectic lifestyles we just do not have the time – sometimes, it is hard to even meet friends, forget about a game of rummy with them. This is where (formerly comes in with a unique platform to play rummy card game with your friends and family by creating your own Rummy Circle.

Here is what players like Mr. Bhaskar Phanindra have done to make money online using the bring-a-friend program:

1) Free rummy account: Creating an account to play rummy at (formerly is absolutely free and very easy. This is the first thing Mr. Bhaskar did and he started playing rummy online with lacs of players from India.

2) Learning to play rummy: He went through the rummy rules, learned the quick rummy tips and tricks, watched the interactive rummy tutorial and after playing a handful of free rummy games, switched over to playing rummy for cash.

3) Joined the Bring-a-friend program: Mr. Bhaskar joined the bring-a-friend program offered by (formerly where one can invite friends from Orkut, Indiatimes, Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, MSN, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo UK, Rocketmail, Ymail, Googlemail, Linkedin, IN and Bol. These email services cover most of the email addresses (apart from corporate email) that a common Internet user has.

4) Email referral: Just like you send a greeting card to multiple friends from an e-greetings website, you can simply invite friends to (formerly by sending an email. (formerly provides you a simple form where you enter your friend’s names and email addresses and an email invite is sent to them..

5) Link referral: (formerly creates a unique link for every user which you can use for inviting friends. Since this link carries a unique ID associated with your account, every friend who joins using this link is stored in our database as a user referred by you (your account and the unique ID). You can send this link to your friends directly via IM or perhaps post it on your Facebook account or your blog and invite your friends from there.

6) Track your bonus: As mentioned earlier, (formerly creates a unique ID linked to your account and tracks the users invited by you (your unique ID). You can login into your account and track the amount of money that you have made by inviting your friends.

In summary, any player can invite friends from their address book, emails or by posting the unique link and make money when their friends start playing rummy for cash. We hope you liked this little case study of Mr. Bhaskar Phanindra who made Rs. 3450 and you too would en-cash the stupendous opportunity and make full use of it.

Following these steps Mr. Bhaskar earned a nice bonus of Rs.3450. One of our other players, amongst thousand others, Mr. Eshwar has earned Rs. 2950 too. Just imagine, these players are not only making money by playing rummy for cash, they are also making a good amount of money simply by inviting their friends to play rummy at (formerly

So what are you waiting for, start inviting your friends via our bring-a-friend program and make money online. Should you need more information about the benefits and details of Bring-a-friend program, get in touch with our support team.


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