Well, it goes without saying that when you start playing Rummy, it’s a little difficult to put your cards, or make sense of them. The journey from being a beginner to pro is not tough: all you need to do is understand the basics and make strategies accordingly.

 A perfect mix of entertainment and skill: The game of online Rummy revolves around your own strategies. With every new trick learned, a player could keep advancing their game and become better. Without further ado, let us introduce you to a few strategies that will surely give you an edge:

  • STOP being too predictable: If you think your opponent is not noticing you, you’re wrong. Indian Rummy is one such game, where keeping an eye on the opponent moves is the first lesson to becoming a good Rummy player. One of the major winning factors is becoming unpredictable and continuing the game with your strategy.

  •  Drop out at the right time: If you really want to win, know when to drop out. Dragging the game would not do any good to you. If you think you’ve the bad cards in the beginning, drop right there before you are at a loss.

  • ALWAYS pick up cards from the discard pile: Oh, you knew this one already. But we want to stress this as much as we can because this is one of the most critical strategies in the game of online Rummy. Try not to pick builder cards (they’re the ones that go well with the combinations) because the opponents would be able to figure out your cards.

  • Use the power of memory: This is another big secret that every budding Rummy player needs to use. Form a visual of cards in your mind and you’ll see it’s easier to make better sequences. Also, it’ll help you remember your opponent’s cards – this is one trick that can actually make you a pro at Rummy!

  • NO to high cards: It’s a good idea to discard higher cards like Q, J, K, and A to reduce every single point incurred on you especially if the opponent plans on declaring the game before you. It doesn’t only help in reducing points – In fact it also helps make a pure sequence.

  • PLAY responsibly: No matter how many strategies you make or how good you become at acing the game, if you don’t play responsibly, you’re just not playing right. If you want to read about it and self-assess – here’s us helping you.

The game of Rummy brings itself a lot of opportunities, strategies, and entertainment – Make sure you make the most of it when you play next! Either download the Rummy app or play on the web – The choice is yours!


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