Indian Card Games, from Offline to Online

Playing Card games is something that we Indians have taken a fancy to in the last 40 years or so. There are people in India who take to playing 13 cards rummy with family and friends during festivities, extended weekends and at times even on Sundays. It is fascinating how some people play the game with so much passion and even spend plenty  of time in learning the tricks of the trade.

In this new era of the internet, with so many tricks, tips and videos available at the click of the button, mastering these cards game has become very simple. A variety of card games which were traditionally played at Clubs or at home within a close circle of friends, are now being offered for free on the Internet. The World of Online Games has appealed to masses and the number of people who have taken to playing these games online against virtual players is on a constant rise. There are several card games like Classic Indian Rummy and Teen Patti which are now being available online for free. There already are thousands of players who have taken to playing online card games in a very short span.

From what used to be a family affair or a game to win just bragging rights has now become an avenue for players who are really good to make some money out of this while playing online Rummy. Some online games that offer free Indian Rummy and Teen Patti have also included the chat feature within the game itself where people can have/share a banter with fellow players to keep the game as real as possible. With the number of people who play online card games is on the rise, there is no doubt in the fact that there will be companies who will battle it out and deliver a superlative gaming experience in the virtual world that matches the real world.

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