Questions that hits every player mind while playing rummy first time

When we venture into the unknown, it is only natural that we are uncertain and question every small thing. If you are an avid card games player, then Rummy is just another card game and before you know it, you would have mastered it.


Questions that hits every player mind while playing rummy first time

However, there are a lot of players who get introduced to card games through Rummy, or there are casual card games players who only play at family get togethers, and they might have questions while playing 13 card game for the first time. We have jotted down a few questions that may hit the players’ minds and have tried to address the same.

  1. What if I get addicted to it?

These days everyone has a smartphone and they are all dependent on various apps to perform their day to day activities. Dependency is inevitable but addictions still scare some people. They are addicted to various things knowingly or unknowingly, yet they fear it. However, Rummy is an interesting game and one of the most played games in the market right now, so it is alright to want to play it often. Play it during TV commercial breaks, play it while waiting for your wife to get ready for a party, play it when stuck in bad traffic, play it during boring meetings, play it instead of watching boring TV soaps. Play it anytime, anywhere!

  1. Is it a gambling game?

Gambling is considered to be a white-collar crime, it is considered immoral. You can understand why someone would be afraid of gambling because society is always judging. Anyway, Rummy is a game of skill, here the element of skill predominates over the element of chance. Yes, we agree that what cards you get depends on your luck but that alone cannot win you the game. You rarely win by chance on a Rummy table. Instead, a winner is determined by the player’s experience, his attention to the cards in his hands and the cards that his opponents are picking and discarding, and his superior knowledge over his opponent. Rummy is truly a game of intellectuals. Learn how to play rummy by online video tutorials at RummyCircle.

  1. What if I lose too much money in it?

We always fear the worse and we are right to do so. But what is life without taking a few risks and chances. You need not give up your favourite game out of fear of losing. What you need to do is master the game, train well so that no one can ever beat you at it. Aspire to become the best at it. On the other hand, you can always play Rummy for free, or bet carefully and even less, until you are confident enough to play for higher stakes. Keep playing to win bigger!

  1. How to play it?

There are a lot of tutorials – articles and even videos on Youtube – available online. Go through the Rummy rules once, before you start playing, and play Rummy either with your family and friends, or online.


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