Some Tips & Tricks to Master The Game of Rummy

Every game has some ‘tips’, some obvious & some not so obvious; the not so obvious ones are also called ‘tricks’. There are certain tips & tricks for the game of Rummy as well. The intent of publishing these mantra’s/tips is simple – We want players on our platform to become better players and eventually become Rummy Stars. Also, ‘Knowing’ tricks is just one side of the coin; ‘Applying’ them in action is a whole other side.

So, here’s are some pointers that can help you master the game of Rummy

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Focus on Pure Sequences

One crucial element of Indian Rummy is that your hand must contain at least two sequences. If jokers are in play, at least one of those should be a “Natural” or “Pure” sequence [i.e. Pure Sequence is a sequence containing no joker or wild card e.g. For example:  8, 9, 10 and 9, 10, J]. The common Rummy rule states that as a player you should have minimum two sequences, one of which should be a Pure sequence.

The focus is always on “Winning” but in Rummy, losing plays a crucial role in determining your win. Either you lose with high points/margin or lose with lesser margin. Making pure sequences ensures that even if you lose the game, you lose with less points. In points Rummy this trick can take you to be a winner eventually so use this tip effectively.

Understanding what makes a sequence

There is a mis-conception that only three cards make a sequence [3-4-5] & four cards make a set [e.g. 3-3-3-3]. However, sequence can be of three or more cards i.e. either a pure sequence or sequence with a  Joker [e.g. 3-4-5-JOKER]. We hope that this tip helps you to make a Winning Sequence.

Do not under-estimate power of Joker

Similar to the saying “Do not under-estimate the power of Zero”, in Rummy Game, the equivalent saying is “Do not under-estimate the power of Joker”. If you get a Joker, use it at the right time of the game & it makes sense to hold it till that time. If used effectively, there is no card as powerful as ‘The Joker’ in Rummy.

Discard cards that carry high weight-age

Cards like Jack, Queen, King & Ace carry high weight-age & idea is to discard these cards earlier in the game. But you may ask, should we always follow this tip? The answer is NO – It depends on the other cards that you have in your hand. You need to think logically before discarding any card carrying high/low points. Discarding cards with higher weight-age ensures that even if you lose the game, you lose it with much lesser margin.

Joker can be very handy in such scenarios – If your luck is good & you have a Joker but still have idle cards with high points, then you can make best use of the Joker to make a “sequence” with the high weight-age cards in order to minimize the overall points.

Keep a watchful eye on Opponent’s Cards

Rummy is not only a “Card” game but also a “Mind” game. It is a game where you require very high presence of mind. It will help to remember the card that your opponents are picking or discarding – With that pattern, you can at least assume what other cards that would have in their deck. This tip can be mastered with experience & once mastered, it would turn out to be a boon for you.

For example – If the opponent has discarded 8 of Hearts, chances are less likely that (s)he would pick up the cards that lie in that periphery i.e. 7 of Hearts or 6 of Hearts; so you can safely discard those cards. If we consider the other scenario, where the opponent happens to pick 8 of Hearts, chances are that (s)he is making sequence of Hearts that might have 8 in it.

The idea is to be watchful about the cards that the opponent is picking/discarding. As the game progresses, application of this trick becomes more & more critical.

We hope that these tips would help you to master the game of  online Rummy. But as the saying goes – “Things can be turned into reality only if they are implemented”… So go ahead, master these tricks & become a Rummy champion on RummyCircle 🙂

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