What you need to do when you don’t have a good rummy hand

Questions that hits every player mind while playing rummy first time

Rummy players have one thing that they always look out for and that’s getting a good set of cards. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t win a Indian rummy game with not so good hand. To understand how to turn a game around and win, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Constant practice

This remains the most important point for any rummy game. Whether you have a good hand or you are stuck with some bad cards, without constant and regular practice, you will not be able to master rummy. Keep in mind that along with rummy rules, it is also important to get the strategies right and then make calculated moves throughout the game.

Using your number cards wisely

Generally, players don’t pay much attention to the number cards they have. The entire focus is on the high value cards and the Joker. However, it is the number cards that can help you form your sets and sequences quickly. So, if you have cards like 5, 7, 9 then remember you can pair them up quickly and close the game. Don’t be fast in discarding these cards. Instead, think how you can use it in the future as well.

Manage your high value cards

Holding onto high value cards mean that you are at a risk of losing with high points. The best thing to do is discard them at the earliest and substitute them with the Joker card. If you have bad cards, without any wild or Joker card, then also it is advisable to get rid of these cards at the beginning of the game. once you have formed your pure sequence and sets and only one hand is remaining, then you can consider picking up a high value card to close the game.

Go for the pure sequence at the beginning

You can’t close the game without your pure sequence and neither can you make it with Joker cards. So, look at your cards closely and try forming your pure sequence at the beginning. This helps close your hand quickly and increases your chances to win the game.

Playing without any Joker in your hand

This is the most tricky situation that makes most rummy players quit the game. If you don’t have any wild card or Joker hand in your spread, when you start off, then it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t get a wild card during the play. You need to stay confident and calculate the hand your opponent is trying to make. This also gives you an edge and you have a fair idea what he is trying to do with his cards. Simply put, you need to calculate and see what are his chances of using a wild card before you do and then play accordingly. Learn how to play rummy online by online rummy tutorials at RummyCircle.com.

So, when you think you have a bad rummy hand and you just can’t win, think once more. You can win the game as easily as any other hand. Just focus and stay alert.

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