We are constantly trying to ensure that you have a very smooth and enjoyable experience. As a result, we have tried to address most questions that may arise while you are on RummyCircle.

1. Points Rummy Format

What is Points Rummy?

In Points Rummy, players play for points which have a pre-decided rupee-value. One winner wins all the cash at the end of each game.

Winnings =(Sum of all points that opponents get) X (Rupee value of the point) - RummyCircle fees.

How is Points Rummy Played on RummyCircle?

Points Rummy on is a 2 to 6 player game played typically with 2 or more packs of 53 cards each (including one printed joker per pack).

  • Players play for points which have a pre-decided rupee value.
  • Each player must bring a minimum amount to the table.
  • A toss will decide which player makes the first move.
  • Each player is dealt a set of 13 cards randomly.
  • First card from the pack is placed in the open deck indicating that the game has started.
  • Remaining cards are placed face-down in the closed deck slot.
  • A joker card is randomly selected at the beginning of each game.
  • Printed Joker: In case a printed joker is selected as joker for a game, then players can also use Ace card of any suit as a joker in their sets and / or sequences.
  • Objective : Arrange all 13 cards in-hand in sequences and/or sets.
  • Each player takes turns to pick/discard a card from closed/open deck to complete sets and/or sequences.
  • You can use one or more joker to complete your sets and/or sequences.
  • You can move a card to the finish slot to declare your sets and sequences.
  • To declare the player must show the cards in hand by grouping them in sets/sequences and clicking on 'Declare' button.
  • Compulsory: To finish the game, you must declare at least two sequences, one of which must be a pure sequence.
  • Caution: You cannot use the same card twice in a set for instance 7 7 7 is not a valid set.

How is the Scoring Done in Points Rummy?

Deciding the winner : The first player to finish after meeting the game objective wins. The winner gets 0 points.

  • If one or more players drop the game in their first move, they get 20 points each and the game continues till a single winner emerges.
  • If one or more players drop the game after their first move, they get 40 points each and the game continues till a single winner emerges.
  • If a player declares without meeting the game objective, he/she gets 80 points and the game continues till there is a winner.

Points calculation for the player who loses:

Each card carries a certain number of points. The losing player gets points equal to his/her hand score which is computed as follows :

  • J, Q, K, A of any suit carry 10 points each.
  • All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value e.g. 7 carries 7 points and 3 carries 3 points.
  • Joker cards carry zero points.
  • At the end of the game, a losing player's hand score is computed by adding points for cards that are not grouped as sets/sequences with the following exceptions.
    • If the losing player has no pure sequence, all cards are counted.
    • If the losing player does not have two sequences, but has a pure sequence, only the pure sequence is not counted.
  • A player can get a maximum of 80 points. For instance, if a player's hand score is 85 he/she will still get only 80 points. But if a player's hand score is 75, he/she will get 75 points.
  • Deal Show: If the losing player has not had his first turn before the opponent has made a valid declaration, then :
    • The losing player gets points equal to half of his/her hand score. For example, if the hand score for a losing player is 30 points, then the player gets 15 points as his score.
    • The minimum points a losing player can get in this case is 2 (for scores 2, 3, 4, & 5).
    • The maximum points for a losing player in this case is 40 (for scores 80 or more).
  • Special case : If a player misses 3 consecutive turns, he/she is dropped automatically from the game. This means that this player gets a middle drop score of 40 points.

What are the Maximum Points a Player Can Get?

A player can get a maximum of 80 points. This means that irrespective of the player holding higher value cards, the points are capped at 80.

Anything below 80 is awarded as is.

How are the Winnings Calculated in Points Rummy?

One winner wins all the Cash at the end of each game as follows:

Winnings =(Sum of points of all opponents) X (Rupee-value of the point) - RummyCircle Fees

E.g.: 5 players play a ' 2 / Point' Rummy game. Player 5 declares and the other four players lose with 10, 20, 30 and 40 points respectively. The winner's Cash Prize will be calculated as 2 x (10 + 20 + 30 + 40) = 200. This will be credited to the winner's RummyCircle account after deduction of the RummyCircle Fee.

How Does the Drop Option Work?

  • Each player gets an option to drop the game in their turn, throughout the game duration.
  • To avail the Drop option, the player must not have picked a card from open/closed deck in that turn.
  • First Drop - If a player drops the game in their very first turn, he/she gets 20 points.
  • Middle Drop - If a player drops the game in a turn other than the first, he/she gets 40 points.
  • Special case: If a player misses 3 consecutive turns, he/she is dropped automatically from the game. This means that this player gets a middle drop score.

2. Rummy Tips And Tricks

Looking to sharpen your Rummy skills? Someone said, smart people don't do different things but do things differently. Practice our clever tips and tricks and you may well become a Rummy pro. Play Smart, Win Smart!

Rummy Winning Tips

  • First things first: A Pure Sequence is your lifeline, so get that done first. Doing this ensures you don't get the sum of all points of all cards in your hand lest your opponent declares at any time.
  • Keep a close watch on your opponent's playing. Keep a keen track of cards your opponent picks or discards from the Open deck or Hand so that you know which cards are to be hoarded and what to discard. Cards close to the ones being discarded or kept are the ones.
  • Discarding high point cards like hot potatoes could save your game! Hoarding high point cards like Ace, King, Queen or Jack and waiting to form Sets and/or Sequences with them can increase your points burden lest your opponent declares before you.
  • A Sequence (Pure or with a Joker) can have 4 cards. Most people think a Sequence cannot have more than 3 cards which is simply not true.
  • Go for versatile middle cards. What this simply means is that middle cards can form more combinations with other middle cards than low or high value cards. E.g., a 6 of any suit can make a run with 4, 5 or 5, 7 or 7, 8 while an Ace can only make a run with 2, 3. See, you are already getting ahead so keep reading.
  • More Jokers, the better your chances of winning. Jokers can set you free in any instant so be wise to use them fully! If you already have a lifeline i.e. a Pure Sequence, use the available Jokers to complete the 2nd Sequence. If you already have two Sequences, then use the available Jokers to first make Sets/Sequences with high point cards. Jokers are wasted in a Pure Sequence; it's best not to use them there.
  • Use jokers wisely - If you have made a pure sequence but don't have a second sequence, use available jokers to first complete the 2nd sequence. If you already have two sequences (at least one pure), use available jokers to first make sets/sequences with high card points.
  • Don't wait for the 'right' cards to make a Sequence. This is an important one, so please pay attention: Preferably keep two-consecutive cards over two alternate cards. For example, if you hold 8 and 10 (waiting for the 9 to make a Pure Sequence) and you draw the 7 of the same suit, keep it and discard the 10 . This has two benefits: You can now make a Pure Sequence if you draw either the 9 or 6 , and you might trick the opponent to discard the 9 , if he has it.
  • Alternate the Colours, Avoid confusion: Arrange your cards in a red-black-red or black-red-black colour combination to reduce confusion and avoid discarding any useful card by mistake.
  • Cards sitting idle in your hand? Another tricky tip: If the idle cards do not participate in two distinct Sequences or triplet chances, discard them. For example, if the last 3 idle cards in your hand are 5 4 and 4 (which means there are two cards, 4 and 4 that will allow you to declare) and you draw 5 , retain it and discard the 4 . Doing this increases the number of cards that will allow you to declare from two to four - 5 , 5 , 3 and 6 , thereby doubling your declaring chances. Just think about this a little, it makes a lot of sense.

Rummy winning Tricks

Like we said earlier, Rummy is all about Skill - The skill to judge your cards and your opponent's behaviour. A smart opponent will be doing exactly the same with you. Keep these points in mind and you could trick your opponent to revealing his moves or misreading yours. So here goes:

  • Picking up discarded cards to make your first Pure Sequence? Think again! The opponent knows what you are picking up and might hoard adjacent cards that you may need.
  • Smartness lies in tricking the opponent to discard the cards you need. A typical example is, if you want to make a set of three 10s and you presently hold the 10 , the 10 and the 9 , discard the 9 . The opponent might consider the 10 a safe card to discard thereby helping you to make your set. This process of tricking the opponent is called Fishing.

*These tips are just indicatory and may not result in you winning the game. takes no responsibility for any adverse outcomes resulting from following these tips.

3. Device and Internet Requirements

What are the recommended system requirements?

To have a smooth playing experience at we recommend the below mentioned requirements:

Your Mobile Device
Our games are designed to run on any reasonably modern mobile device/computer without the need to install additional hardware or software. In case you have any doubts or are having trouble playing on RummyCircle, please check if your mobile device conforms to the minimum configuration below:

  • CPU - Dual Core 1.2 Ghz and above is recommended.
  • RAM - 1 GB is recommended.
  • Operating System -Our Games are supported on Android version 4.1 and above as well as iOS (Apple devices) version 7 and 8.
  • Screen Resolution - 480x800 and above is recommended.
  • Display Size - 4.0 inch and above
  • Please use a web browser from our Supported Browsers list.
  • Please ensure that your Internet connection conform to the recommendations below.

What browsers do you support now?

Our games are tested on latest version of Google Chrome and Opera browsers on Android version 4.1 and above devices. On iOS version 7 and 8 devices, the games are tested on Safari and Chrome. The game play has been optimized for game play on mobile. Please note that:

  • Your browser must have Javascript enabled.
  • Your browser must have HTML5 websocket, Canvas support.
  • Some of our users have faced issues on Android native browsers on particular devices. Please switch to the latest version of Chrome for Android if you face any problem.

What Internet Connection is required?

For the best gaming experience on RummyCircle, you need a fast Internet connection. Your device should be able to connect and download all game related data from our servers quickly and reliably.

We recommend a high-speed broadband or 3G connection of 1 Mbps and above, with little or no packet loss and low latency to our servers.

Please be aware that the quality of Internet connection for playing multiplayer games online should be much better than that for regular day-to-day Internet activities like browsing, email etc.
Even a slight degradation in the connection quality will affect your RummyCircle experience adversely. In case you face such a problem of degradation of playing experience, we recommend that you try playing again after 15 to 20 minutes.
We also recommend that if you are playing from a cyber cafe or otherwise sharing an Internet connection with others, then please ensure that no more than 4 people are logged in to RummyCircle simultaneously.


Why do I need to enable auto-rotate setting on my device?

You need to enable auto-rotate setting on your mobile device in order to play the game. This is because we offer game play only in landscape orientation.

What are Firewall & Port requirements?

RummyCircle's games are offered on TCP port 443. Your firewall needs to allow unfiltered access to this port.

Why am I getting error message "internet connection lost", "trying to re-connect".

This message is seen due to intermittence in your internet connection.

Click here to see Internet Connection Requirements.

Why does it take a long time for the game to load?

  • Please make sure that you are following the device system requirements and the Internet connection requirements.
  • Try to avoid opening other applications and other bandwidth resource intensive websites while playing on Eg: Email clients, Web based emails, Video Websites any other site which requires high bandwidth.
  • We recommend you open in one browser window and don't open any other tabs in the same browser.

Still have unanswered questions?

If you still have questions to which you would like answers, please Contact Us.

4. Games Cancellation Settlement Policy

Games Cancellation Settlement Policy
In the event, a Cash Game is cancelled by RummyCircle due to technical or other glitches at our end or due to some player(s) indulging in any form of unfair game play; the following settlement policy shall be followed:

Points Rummy Cash Games: In the event of cancellation of a Points Rummy Cash Game, the table balance of each player is restored to the amount at the beginning of the cancelled Cash Game and credited back to each player's account. The same process is applied in Points Rummy Cash Games where collusion or cheating is detected in addition to any further action that RummyCircle decides to take against players engaging in such activities as per the Terms.