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Weekend Loot Tournaments

The Loot is back yet again, offering bigger and better prizes than ever! Buckle up to win from a prize pool of  8 Lakh* in total this weekend. You have 4 chances with the 4 qualifiers to make it to the Grand Finale!

What's more, you also get a Guaranteed prize of  200* in the finale! Only 500 seats available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

So game up to make your weekends exciting!

Weekend Loot Schedule

Tournament Day Reg. Window Start Time Entry Fees Total Prizes*
Qualifier 01 Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:55 PM 2:00 PM Free 2 Lakh + 70 Tickets
Qualifier 02 Saturday 11:00 AM to 6:55 PM 7:00 PM 100 1 Lakh + 334 Tickets
Qualifier 03 Saturday 1:00 PM to 7:25 PM 7:30 PM 500 2 Lakhs + 201 Tickets
Qualifier 04 Saturday 6:00 PM to 7:55 PM 8:00 PM 1000 1 Lakh + 100 Tickets
Grand Finale Sunday 7:00 PM to 8:55 PM 9:00 PM Ticket 2 Lakh

Congratulations to the winners of Weekend Loot Tournament!

Mr. Rajkumar

Login Id: jocham

Thank you RummyCircle, I won 8,500 in Weekend Loot! When I started playing online Rummy, I read online reviews and RummyCircle looked safe for cash deposits. I have won Cash prizes here before and even bought a watch from it.

Mr. Sathish

Login Id: jocham

I have been playing on rummy circle for 2 years now. I would like to thank RummyCircle for providing me such a great platform to play Rummy with highly skilled people. This is my first winning in a major finale (Weekend Loot). It was not so easy and finally I have finished at 3rd spot with a prize money of 4650/-. It was nail-biting couple of times and I still cannot believe that I made it. The site's speed and features are truly awesome and I would surely like to refer RummyCircle to my friends.

*All tournament prizes and bonus amounts are indicative in nature. Actual amounts may differ depending on the number of tournaments held, tournament occupancy and amount of bonus picked up.

# To be counted as a cash player the user must have made at least one cash deposit and should have played minimum one cash game before the tournament.

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