10 Best Reasons To Start Playing Online Rummy Today

Rummy has for long been one of the popular card games that has found its place in homes, festivals and occasions like weddings. It is one of those leisure games that people enjoy with friends and family. But with the fast pace of life and varying lifestyles, rummy had started to become a fading card game.

The popular card game once more saw a spurt of growth with online rummy sites like RummyCircle. It has not just brought back the game, but also connected players from across the country on one website. If you love rummy and are still calling out to your friends and family for a game of cards, here are some very good reasons to make the switch.

  1. Play Anywhere, Anytime, and on Any Device

One of the things that almost all of us like to do is ‘play on the go’. Playing rummy online makes that happen. So, whether traveling, stuck in traffic or just want to relax at home, rummy can be accessed on your desktop or smartphone via the app. It is just like playing any other mobile game that we enjoy. Just remember your login credentials and you are good to go.

  1. Pick games as per your style

One common challenge with offline rummy playing is finding people who are well versed with all styles of rummy, right from points rummy, deal rummy to pool rummy. But online rummy makes life so much simpler. With round the clock live matches, you have players who are proficient in different types of rummy and enjoy the game just like you. So, you can start playing any time you want.

  1. Rewards and benefits

One of the strongest reasons to switch to playing online rummy is the fantastic rewards and benefits that are out for grabs there. From daily jackpots to reward point tournaments to festive bonanzas there is always a reason to win big with online rummy. Click to check out the latest promotions and tournaments.

  1. Beginner benefits

When you are starting off, you are unsure and hesitant about the game. Seeing players with huge points can be intimidating. But RummyCircle is the best platform to learn the rules and tricks of the game. There are helpful video tutorials  on how to play rummy that guide you through the complete game and the practice games help polish your skills further. You really can’t achieve this while playing with a person or limited persons on an offline mode.

  1. User friendly interface

Uncomplicated, simple to use and fast. We all want this and RummyCircle understands that. The website is extremely simple and you can just about start a game in a few clicks. The website is quick to load and doesn’t eat away on the data. It works perfectly even with a 2G connection. So, just tap and start.

  1. Safe and secure platform

One very common concern among players is about the safety of the website. Is the website safe? Will it capture my card details? Well, RummyCircle is 100% safe and secure. The payment gateway is encrypted and all transactions go through a secure gateway.

The games you are playing is with real players and the cards are completely encrypted. So, no third party can view any card at any point in time. Hence, whether you win or lose a game is completely dependent on your skills.

  1. Chat support

Your friend in need, the chat is right there to help resolve any queries or issues you have. It is like your go to guy for just about anything. Just type in your concern and our support team will respond instantly.

  1. Bring a friend bonus

Earn bonus up to Rs. 1000 by referring your friends on RummyCircle. So, every time a friend joins you get added benefits. Just connect with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. To get started, register now.

rummycircle register

  1. Rummy Star

Yes, rummy is a completely fun game and sharing your excitement with others is always a lucrative offer. RummyStars is an exclusive program that is made for passionate players. You can make your profile page and start making money by inviting friends. Isn’t it one of the best ways to share your excitement for the game?

  1. Quick and easy payout

You play, you win and the cash is all yours. We believe in giving a quick and easy payout whenever you want it. Just ask for it and you will have the money in your account in no time.

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