Rummy and its History

It is very difficult to trace the origin of rummy. There have been many theories evolved in different countries regarding the development of this game.  While there are contradictory opinions about the origin of Rummy, all those seem to have added to the popularity of this card game. Today’s rummy aficionados not only love playing rummy with the physical presence of fellow players but they also enjoy playing rummy online due to the kind of advanced features and facilities an online platform can provide. In order to entice people to play rummy over the internet, online card playing websites offer a range of versions and modifications of the game. In this article, we will try to explore the origin of rummy.

Countries Involved in the Evolution of Rummy

Different theorists from all over the world have different opinions> on the history and the evolution of Rummy. Here is some information that will help you find the truth about the origin of this game.

  • Chinese Connection: Over thousand years ago, Mah-Jong, a Chinese game of draw and discard pattern was developed during the Tang Dynasty. The current games are different from this oldest form of rummy game but are somehow influenced by the evolution of this game in China.
  • Japanese Connection: Hanafuda [flower cards] with western playing cards in Japan evolved when Portuguese travelled to this country. In the mid of 17th century, it was adapted as a game of gambling along with the change in the design of the cards.
  • Origin of Poker: Rummy holds similarity with poker in terms of making sequences of groups. It was derived from poker by the French Settlers according to some of the theorists and propagators.
  • Spanish and American Connection: It is believed that Conquan, a Spanish card game has got resemblance with rummy to a great extent and is also considered to be an ancestor of all modern rummy games.  Some experts believe that the card game originated in America and then moved to Mexico in the 19th century.
  • Origin of Gin Rummy: The alcoholic drink ‘gin’ is believed to have given gave birth to the name of the game that came to be known as gin rummy originated in the United States which is a modification of early 1900’s knock rummy.
  • 1930’s-40’s: Adapted by the Hollywood Elites and considered rummy a classy reputed game.

Apart from land based rummy, online rummy is playing an important role in making the game popular amongst the masses. It helps players find their fellow players and keeps them updated about the game. Playing rummy online for real money has now become mainstream – an equal mix of strategies and skill, online rummy games can be accessed any time, from any device.

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