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Welcome Rummy Tournament

Welcome Tournament  |  View Tournament Schedule

On RummyCircle, you receive a warm welcome not just on special days but every day and at all times. RummyCircle is the most sought about site in the Online Rummy segment due to the rave RummyCircle reviews we receive from our Rummy players. Every day is special for RummyCircle since all employees at Rummy Circle take feedback very positively and ensure that reviews on RummyCircle are taken in positive manner. Rummy Players post RummyCircle reviews which helps us make our product better.

Irrespective of whether you are newbie or seasoned Rummy player, feel free to post RummyCircle reviews since RummyCircle exists because of you, our Rummy Superstars.

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It was a wow experience with loads of thrill. I felt very happy on winning and now I am playing here regularly because it is a fantastic way to earn free cash!

It's a great game and I am very happy that RummyCircle is providing good opportunity to win free cash. I love RummyCircle.

harichitta harichitta
It's a wonderful feeling to finish at the 2nd spot in Welcome Tournament after joining RummyCircle just last month. I enjoyed every part of the game and your presentation. Thanks RummyCircle Team.

ajjubaba18 ajjubaba18
I am playing here from last 3 months. This is a great place to spend time when away from friend circle. Mostly, I lose the games but it takes only one win to recover the entire amount. Rummy is a game of patience and tricks. Free games at RummyCircle allow us to win at no cost. After 3-4 wins in free games, i believe that every one can win, just need a bit of skill. A few times, I have heard about the website being a fake/fraud site. For all those people saying it, I just want to say that if you play to enjoy the game, it will be a great platform. But if you target it only for raking in cash, then it's not a gambling platform. That doesn't mean money can't be made here. I have myself won real cash many times, but I always play for entertainment. Initially, I didnt win large amounts but now with practice, I win nearly Rs.1000 in an hour! I have won multiple times in Welcome Tournaments and also Silver Club Tournament. It's a really great feeling to win real cash. I will refer the website to all my friends. Many thanks to Rummy Circle Team for providing such experiences and beautiful moments.

avi0861 avi0861
I have been playing since 1 year and this is the best online rummy site having a very easy interface and genuine cash games. I love RummyCircle!

 johnson-m-v johnson-m-v
Yes, Rummy Circle is the best site for Indian rummy players! I am a premium member of this site since May 2013. I won many cash pool games,point rummy and Free Tournament games as well.Also I earned real cash and redeemed to my bank account. I liked it and admired it so much. Thanking you Rummy Circle Team.

It is amazing and exciting to play and win at RummyCircle. I have won real money and you can trust it like a BANK!! Thank you very much to admin and others who work on the background for the SPECIAL EXPERIENCE of Rummy.

 sskumar1944 sskumar1944
I enjoyed the winning very well &also shared the experience of playing tricks of 10 more players. I trust it very much. This is the 1 st time i reached to semi finals since my entry of 4 months.

I appreciate the site as it is No.1 Genuine website.

I am playing on RummyCircle for past 7 months. I won Rs.3000 in a month! Really happy with my experience - no site is better than this. I referred a lot of my friends and they are also playing here.

This is a very popular site to play the rummy game and I'm enjoying a lot here. One can earn a lots of money here with rummy skills. It's a wonderful site.

I played 3 rounds and won Rs.115 but in the 3rd round I lost. Please don't give the at one time show - that's my only argument. Otherwise it is a great network to play rummy.

Its good to get the money without paying fee..I am so happy to play here.

I love Rummycircle and play here daily.

It's nice to play but I never expected this thing will happen. Now, I am so happy after getting this prize, I will encourage my friends too.

Some times cards are not moving fast and get stuck. Still I find RummyCircle much better than any other rummy site. I have recommended it to my friends too.

It is really very super. The feeling of winning real money by playing rummy is awesome!

It is interesting to play the tournament up till the last deal. However, in the last deal, some players do some tricks to defeat the possible winner who gathered more chips up to the last deal. This menace should be curtailed.

This is a nice game. I really enjoyed playing on RummyCircle.

jayem jayem
I have been playing in Rummy Circle for more than 6 months now and have a happy experience especially after the new interface has been introduced. There have been no occasion to complain about anything. The most important thing is that the winning amount in any tournament is credited immediately when the game is ended.

Rummy is the best site for playing rummy online. I am here from more than 30 months. I always enjoy playing here. I trust 100%. I won real money here. I receive my payment by Cheque in 4-5 days from withdrawal. Last month i won 6,500 in one day.

Playing without entry fee tournament was fantastic and great!

It's nice to play though I never expected to win. Now I am so happy after getting this prize that I will encourage my friends to play this game too.

Winning is always good, but compared to other rummy sites I love to play in Very nice screens and options including club concepts.
Mr. Prashant Pratap
New Delhi
Prashant Pratap from New Delhi :
I love rummy and there is not a better place than RummyCircle. Here we get chance to play with players around India, and as the name suggests we can play 24x7. Even at 3 am cash tournaments are going on and that amazes me a lot since the players here are passionate to win.

Mr. Vivek Pratap
Vivek More from Mumbai :
I find RummyCircle as the most genuine rummy site with the fastest cash withdrawal system. The customer support, new Points Rummy game and table design is much better than any other rummy website. The Rummy experience here is similar to playing with friends at a rummy club. I love your Bonus offers and special tournaments and never miss any of them.

Mr. Durga Sagar
Andhra Pradesh
Durga Sagar from Andhra Pradesh :
No other gaming site except RummyCircle conducts tournaments like Welcome Tournament, Sunday Masters Tournament, Wednesday Surprise, and many more. I am very happy at winning a DVD player and Cash. Superb site to have fun and win gifts. Thanks RummyCircle team!

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