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Rummy Rewardz


RummyRewardzTM is our brand new loyalty & rewards program in the nature of discounts that truly rewards you for playing on RummyCircle. In this new program, you earn rewards every time you play.

The way it works is simple: For every 50 spent in entry fee, you earn 1 Loyalty Point and for every 1 Loyalty Point, you earn 1 Reward Point. Reward Points can be redeemed for attractive reward like entry into tournaments and bonuses

The RummyRewardzTM program shall commence on 1-February 2014. Any loyalty points earned at any time prior to the launch of our RummyRewardzTM program i.e. 1-February 2014, can be used and the balance shall expire as per the terms of the earlier Loyalty and Rewards Program.

Read on to know the terms associated with the new RummyRewardzTM program:

  • Redemption of Reward Points: Redemption of Reward Points can be discontinued or the terms of redemption can be modified at any time without any liability to RummyCircle.
  • Loyalty Points benefits: the Loyalty Points and benefits associated with them can be discontinued or the terms thereof can be modified at any time without any liability to RummyCircle.
  • Expiry of Loyalty and Rewards Points: the Loyalty and Rewards Points shall expire as per the terms and conditions prescribed in the FAQs and subject to modification at any time without any liability to RummyCircle.
  • Information Updates: All email communication for RummyRewardzTM will be sent from:, and Please add these IDs to your safe senders list.
  • Modifications: RummyRewardzTM program may be modified or discontinued by RummyCircle at any time without notice and without any liability on RummyCircle whatsoever. RummyCircle's decision regarding the same shall be final and binding.
  • This program does not entitle you to any privileges other than those stated in the RummyRewardzTM program section on the website.
  • The Terms of are applicable to all services offered on Any violation of the Terms at any stage may result in disqualification from RummyRewardzTM program, forfeiture of rewards and such other action by RummyCircle as may be deemed necessary as per the Terms.
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