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Money Multiplier

Money Multiplier

Welcome to the world of Money Multiplier, where you can multiply your winnings 100 times or more.

All you have to do is

→ Complete Challenges to Unlock Multipliers

→ Apply the Multiplier and win that game for multiplied winnings

To know more watch the video below in your desired language

Here are some important points to remember:

Only your winnings multiply. You don’t have to pay extra entry fee for multiplier games

You are now all set to unlock and play Money Multipliers.

But in case you have more questions please click on the FAQ tab below.


1. What are Money Multipliers?

Money Multiplier is the coolest new feature to multiply your winnings on RummyCircle.

2. Where do I find the Money Multipliers?

You will find Money Multipliers on the right side of the Game Lobby, with 'X' on a coin.

Money Multiplier

3. How do I earn a Money Multiplier?

To earn a Money Multiplier, all you have to do is complete the challenge mentioned on the 'Earn Multiplier' tab.

Money Multiplier

4. How do I apply a Money Multiplier?

Once you have unlocked a Money Multiplier, it moves to the 'Apply Multiplier' tab. Now all you have to do is click on 'Apply Now', play & win the cash game as mentioned on the card to multiply your win

Money Multiplier

5. Do Money Multipliers expire?

Yes. Each Money Multiplier has an expiry date. To be eligible for multiplied winnings, simply earn, apply & play games before the Money Multiplier expires. The expiry date is mentioned on the top of each Money Multiplier.

Money Multiplier

6. What do the terms '2X, 5X, 10X' & so on mean?

2X, 5X, 10X are the multipliers which when applied to your cash games, can multiply your winnings by 2 times, 5 times or 10 times respectively. Example: If a player applies a '2X Money Multiplier' to a game & wins ₹ 300, then the player will win a total of ₹ 600 i.e. ₹ 300 x 2

Money Multiplier

7. Is there a max limit on Money Multiplier winnings?

Yes. Money Multipliers have a max winning limit. Example: If a player wins ₹ 600 in a cash game where a '2X Multiplier up to ₹ 500*' was applied, then the player's winnings will be: (Game Winnings + Max Multiplier Winnings)

Tick ₹ 600 + ₹ 500

Cross ₹ 600 + ₹ 600

Money Multiplier

8. How do I check the progress when earning a Money Multiplier?

You can check the progress from 2 zones: i) On the Money Multiplier card ii) 'Money Multiplier Tracker' on the game table

Money Multiplier

9. After applying a Money Multiplier, can I remove or deselect it?

Yes. On applying a Money Multiplier, the 'Apply Now' button changes to the 'Remove' button. On tapping on the 'Remove' button, you will be able to remove/deselect the applied Money Multiplier. NOTE: You can only 'Remove' the Money Multiplier before a multiplier game starts.

Money Multiplier

10. How to know if a Money Multiplier is applied to a game?

If a Money Multiplier has been applied to a game, you will see a pink game table before the game starts along with a pop-up message confirming 'Multiplier Game' as shown below.

Money Multiplier

11. Can I apply a Money Multiplier while playing a game?

No. You cannot apply a Money Multiplier in the middle of a game. If you apply a Money Multiplier in the middle of a game by clicking on 'Apply Now', the multiplier will be applied to your next game.

Money Multiplier

12. Where can I see all the previous Money Multipliers I have applied & the rewards I have won?

You can find all your previously applied Money Multipliers & the rewards you won in the 'History' section on the top right hand corner of the Money Multiplier.

13. What happens if I lose a Money Multiplier game? Do I lose double the money if I lose a multiplier game where I applied a 2X multiplier?

No, you do not lose double the money. If you lose a multiplier game, you simply lose a chance to multiply your winnings in that game. However, you can still continue playing more games & earn your next Multiplier to multiply your winnings.

14. Do I need to pay double the entry fee to enter & play a Money Multiplier game?

No. You don't need to pay double the entry fee as the regular entry fee is charged when you enter & play a Money Multiplier game.

15. Do I have to challenge other players & have them accept it to raise the multiplier or stakes by 2X/5X/10X times?

No. All you need to do is Earn Multipliers → Apply Multipliers to be eligible for multiplied winnings.

+Terms and Conditions
  • A player cannot earn or apply a Money Multiplier once it expires.
  • If a player starts a Money Multiplier game before it expires, he/she is still eligible for the multiplied winnings of that particular game.
  • Each Money Multiplier has a max winning limit. For example: If a player applies a ‘2X Multiplier up to Rs.500*’ & wins Rs.600 in the game, then he wins Rs. 600 (game winnings) + Rs. 500 (multiplier winnings) & not Rs. 600 + Rs. 600 as the max winning limit for the 2X Money Multiplier was set at Rs. 500.
  • RummyCircle reserves the right to withdraw the Money Multiplier anytime without prior notice.
  • All standard RummyCircle terms and conditions apply.
  • The decision of the RummyCircle management shall be final and binding in case of any disputes.
  • Any violation of the Terms at any stage by a player may result in disqualification from the Money Multiplier promotion, and forfeiture of prizes by RummyCircle as may be deemed necessary as per the Terms & Conditions.
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