5 Pain Points For Every New Rummy Player

5 Pain Points For Every New Rummy Player

5 Pain Points For Every New Rummy Player

House parties are quite a rage these days. It assures oodles of comfort, good food without any disappointment, and you are guaranteed a good time. Most people prefer to hang out at a friend’s place to catch up with each other and dig into greasy, crispy, and delicious Chinese food. However, when it is time to turn up the entertainment level, most people bring out playing cards and start with the most loved Indian card game – the rummy game. This is the go-to card game at resonates with sweet memories in everyone.

However, this card game has switched from a physical to a digital form. The love that Indians have for rummy is visible in the number of people playing the game online. If you are playing the online version for the first time, you will be able to empathise with the following pain points that every new rummy player goes through.

1) Coping Up With The Pace Of The Game:

When you are playing the physical version of rummy with family or friends, you have the luxury of time. In-between discarding and picking up a card, you are talking, sharing, and laughing. Once you download the online version of rummy and start with the practice sessions, you realise the pace of the game is quick. However, the swiftness of the game is what brings in the thrill factor.

The ability to think on your feet sets you apart from other players. Quick thinking will help you decide if you have a good hand or no. Also, which cards to discard and how to decisively play with the cards in the open deck and discard pile.

2) Anxiety Management:

With the online card game, you are playing with like-minded individuals. Initially, it feels different when the cards in your hand is replaced with a smartphone. Also, you are playing with people who are new to you. It takes time to adjust to change.

So, the best way to beat anxiety is to take few, slow, deep breaths. A mind at peace, is a mind that is organised. Therefore, lower the beats per minute of your heart; this will help you think calmly as well as assist you in making the right choices with your hand.

3) Lack Of Strategy:

Now that your mind is thinking clearly and quickly, it is time to create a strategy to win. In the online card game, the cards that are dealt to you are automatically sorted out to form the most likely sequences and sets. However, you still have to use your noggin or else the game wouldn’t be exhilarating, right?

Once the cards are sorted, this is when you take charge of your hand. Kick up the alertness level to understand your cards and what your opponent is discarding. Analyse the quickest way to form pure sequences, impure sequences, and sets. This strategy is the numero uno way to inch closer to winning the game.

4) Confusion On Which Rummy Variation To Try:

When you sign in to play Indian rummy online, you come across various variants of the card game. You have the option to play: Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Rummy Tournaments. Each of these variants have a thrill element attached to them.

When you play rummy for online real money, we recommend you try all these variants to step up your game and participate in tournaments – that is where you can win real cash awards.

5) Practice Makes Perfect:

If you are new to the rummy card game, the pace, variants, tournaments, and playing with rummy fans can get overwhelming. So, before you try your hand in tournaments, continue with the practice rounds. It sharpens your rummy skills, helps you think quickly, and ensures you remain calm under pressure. You can play the practice rounds as long as you like and once you know the ropes of the game, you can move to tournaments and win rewards.

Over time and with a lot of practice, these pain points start to disappear. Playing card games online is easy as long as you remember to stay calm and think quickly.

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