After all, who does not like watching MOVIES! What if we tell you there are movies for online Rummy lovers like you? Oh wait, does it not add up? Let us break it to you – It does! Watching these great movies can get your inspiration going; to learn the skills and play rummy online for real money! Read on to know about the movies that’ll help you lead the way in any Rummy tournament you want to play and in general –

  1. The Cincinnati Kid –

This is the one that shouldn’t be missed at any cost – Simply put, it’s a classic. Looking to become a reputed card player, the ‘kid’, protagonist of the movie, will challenge the card champions. Although the story doesn’t have many twists, the plot has linear storytelling that’ll entertain and thrill you at the same time. Halfway through, you’ll see the glimpse of hard work and efforts put in by the character to become one of the best card players – this masterpiece won’t disappoint you.

  1. California Split –

Welcome to the actual light-hearted movie – with very generic plot twists and enthusiastic actors, you’d want to watch the movie multiple times. It starts off with two exact opposites becoming good friends on their mutual interest for card games. Turns out one of them immerses himself into the world of it, the other one struggles to do so. Both of them later come across many challenges and find out there are highly skilled players in the field. *Spoiler Alert* – In the end, they part ways and accept the fact it’s not for everyone. Go give it a watch!

  1. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels –

Released in the year 1998, this one might catch the interest of people who love watching crime comedies. A narrative based on four friends owing a lot of money after a sudden twist in the card game, the movie has a lot of interesting elements. These friends will then tackle the situation and it’ll make you laugh and anticipate. The journey of the protagonists is a twist and turn of many events and it definitely makes the movie gripping.

  1. Teen Patti –

With our very own Amitabh Bachchan’s presence in it, we’re sure you must have watched it already – and if not, you’d have heard great things about it. The movie revolves around a mathematician (Played by Bachchan), who is unsuccessful and usually gets ignored. He then goes around and proves his theories right on the basis of practical applications – and it includes card games. It’s a very interesting watch and who better than Amitabh Bachchan to teach you lessons?

  1. 21 –

Think about it – A bunch of smart people. Want to get into MIT. One Smart teacher. Guidance. Thrill. Skill. And more. We don’t really want to give you any spoilers on this one, but just when you think you’re not made to play rummy online, watch this one and you’d get an instant boost!

These movies and many more work as an inspiration for many players to play better and get more strategies on their plate. Happy Watching!

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