Ways To Spike Your Happiness Quotient

Ways To Spike Your Happiness Quotient

Ways To Spike Your Happiness Quotient

The feeling of intense joy has taken a back seat in the hustle and bustle of life. Multitasking between work and home has most people in the pursuit of happiness. Interestingly, it impacts the economy too. Intriguingly, to improve happiness, United Nations advised to focus on economic growth that should be inclusive, equitable, and balanced. These values would translate to happiness, well-being, and freedom. At a micro level, let us create a happy and positive ecosystem around us. Some suggest to go on a vacation while others say play rummy games or get a pet. Following are tips that we can help you to improve your happiness level.

In giving we receive

You may have heard this countless times and tried it, yet you have experienced fleeting moments of happiness. You have donated food to an NGO or offered new clothes to an orphanage, yet the feeling of intense joy is missing. Switch things up and try a different tactic in this approach. The link between giving and happiness is tied to sacrifice. Say for instance if time is valuable to you, but you make time once a week to spend time in a programme to teach the less fortunate children. This act of selflessness will bring intense joy to you. You may struggle, but the rewards are great.

Rumble with rummy

Whether it is a picnic or a quiet evening at home, playing a card game is the best way to boost the endorphins. If you really want to experience a prolonged feeling of bubbling joy, then move on from offline rummy to online rummy. The fun and excitement of rummy has gone digital. Learn the rummy rules try your hand at the various rummy variants. When you play online rummy, you are tossed in a space of thrill and exhilaration – your mind and body tingle with happiness. This feeling multiples when you win real cash prizes, where in exclusive tournaments the rewards amount to lakhs and crores. Playing rummy increases your endorphins and makes you excited with happiness.

Stay active, stay happy

We are lucky to have door-to-door services – home delivery of groceries and food, private ride-hailing company has made travel convenient, and even grooming services are available at home. We just have to sit back and relax, but are these services making us inactive? According to research, sedentary lifestyle is impacting our health. One of the effects is unhappiness, hence it is recommended to get up, stand up, and exercise. Transforming your physiology – exercise and nutrition will bump up you baseline-level happiness. So, get out of your comfort zone or relaxation zone and add exercising to your pursuit of happiness.

Break away from negativity

It is easily to fall into a web of pessimism and linger in life’s problems. In spite of it, things do not change, but you feel sad, unhappy, and bogged down – these emotions are contagious. There are temporary fixes for it, but to feel the warmth of happiness linger in you try breaking away from social media. The fabulous images of food, vacation, and good life can spike negative emotions. However, one of the biggest negative forces lie in us – our negative thoughts. The way we process a situation—worrying, self-judgement, fear, wallowing in the same issue are some of the aspects that brings us down. We put ourselves in a place of misery, tied down to it, unable to progress. When you are in this space, realign your thoughts and see the silver lining.

Invest in a positive friend

Every friend serves a purpose – there is a friend who is your wingman, there is a friend for 3 am calls, and then there is a friend to shine positivity in times of darkness. Everyone needs such a friend. This friend will give you advice you have never thought about, throw new light on a situation, or will just make you laugh your heart out. This person can also be your sibling or relative. After all blood is thicker than water. Your family has seen you grow up, so a brother or sister who you have laughed with can be your biggest positive force in your life.

What is your true happiness quotient? On this International Day of Happiness, let us remind ourselves that happiness should be one of our goals in life too. The striking part about this feeling is that happiness is contagious. It can spread like wildfire, but no caution is needed.

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