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World Rummy Championship



As World Rummy Championship 2020 will be held in Sochi, Russia, you need permission to enter the country in the form of a Travel Visa, without which you will not be granted entry into Russia for the Tournament.

Once you provide us with your valid Passport & Photograph, the RummyCircle team will help with the Visa process or you are free to apply for the Visa on your own as well. The cost of obtaining your Visa will be borne by RummyCircle.

After winning your Finale ticket to WRC 2020 in Sochi, Russia, proceed for Visa Application as mentioned below.

  • Documents Required:

    Original Passport with at least 6 months validity. If you don’t have a valid passport, please visit our passport tab to find more details about the same.

    NOTE :- Visa cannot be applied without a passport.

    Two Passport Size Photos

    Photo specifications :-

    • 35 mm by 45 mm
    • White Backgroud
    • 70% to 80% face coverage
    • Matte Finish
    • Without specs
    • Clothes should not match the background
  • Document Collection Process

    Our Visa partners will ensure that BlueDart agents collect the documents (passport and photo) from your residence.

    The BlueDart agent will call and confirm your availability before passport pick up.

  • Duration to receive Visa

    After your documents have been collected, they will be submitted for the Visa application. The application process will take approximately 25 working days.

  • Post-approval

    Once the visa is processed, you will be informed and the passport will be couriered to your respective address.

    NOTE: RummyCircle is only recommending the preferred Visa Agent, however, you are free to apply for the Visa on your own as well.

    You will be brought to Mumbai for your flight to Sochi, Russia, on 26/04/2020

  • Validity of Visa

    The Visa will only be valid from 27th April to 1st May 2020.
    We request you to sincerely follow the schedule & avoid extension of stay in Russia.

    NOTE: No extension of stay or Visa will be permitted by RummyCircle.

  • Other details

    Visa cost will be borne by RummyCircle. Until and unless you have a valid passport, the Visa process cannot start. RummyCircle is only facilitating the Visa process by recommending our preferred Visa Agent. If you choose to apply for a visa through our preferred agent, please make sure that you have filled the survey form sent with the correct details.

    The entire Visa process will take 25 days, hence we urge our Finalists to apply immediately for a quick visa approval.

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