10 Questions You Ask while Downloading the Online Rummy APK Solved!


APK – Android Package Kit or Android Application Package. If you own an Android device, you’d know the acronym already. Is there more to it? What does it mean anyway? How do you go about downloading a game through APK? Before getting into what is it like to download the rummy APK, let the concept of APK sink in –

APK Explained – It is a file format to install and distribute apps on Android. Containing every element that any app requires to be installed correctly on a device, installing an application through APK is called Sideloading. 

We’ll stop with the APK Gyaan, and talk about Rummy APK instead – what questions cross your mind while downloading RummyCircle through APK? But how do you go about it? Is there a procedure to get it on your device? We heard you, here are some answers to the questions that confront you right now–

  1.   Is it safe to download an APK file?

Downloading from any source except Google Play could feel unsafe – we get it. But it’s not, unless you keep a few pointers in mind. Remember, APK is one of the most flexible features offered by Android, and works wonders if you follow a few simple things.
Here’s what you can do: Run a few simple and easy checks on what you’re downloading. First and foremost, don’t follow any third party links, go with the right rummy APK link, give a missed call on 08080894422, or simply scan the QR code. We repeat – DON’T trust any other link that claims itself to be RummyCircle, rest is taken care of, by us and the APK itself!

  1.   My device is asking me to enable the ‘Install from Unknown Services’ option.

Nothing fishy about it! Every Android device that downloads an APK would want you to enable this from the Privacy settings because it’s not Google Play, you’d be downloading from. Don’t worry, it’s not unsafe and just another feature on your device allowing other apps to be installed.

  1.   Where do I find this option on my phone?

If you’re not able to locate it – Press the menu icon from your Home screen, tap settings and go to ‘Security’, you’ll see the “Unknown Sources” tab where you can enable it from.

  1.   Are there any other requirements that I need to take care of?

Not much, just keep a few things in mind – Do you have enough storage in your phone? If not, try to free up some space. Also, your internet connection should be stable for the app to download and doesn’t stop halfway through. Last but not the least, our advice – close background applications and it’ll be installed at the drop of a hat!

  1.   I’ve completed the download but can’t find the app on my phone!

Nothing to worry about. We’re almost 99.9% sure that you’ll find it in the Downloads folder on your device. Check the notification bar, one more time. If you’re still unable to find, use the file manager application to locate the RummyCircle.apk, and simply click on Install.

  1.   Will I get all variants of Rummy even in the APK version?

Absolutely yes! Pool, points, deals – you are not going to miss anything. Once you download the game, you can login and start playing online rummy game for real cash and exciting rewards. There’s not even a single thing you’d miss if you download it through APK.

  1.       What can I do to keep my account safe?

We were waiting for you to ask this and how! Alright, so start with a few basic things like not sharing your OTP or password (make sure it’s strong) with anyone. Be cautious of any fake customer care numbers or forwarded threads on Whatsapp/ Facebook/ TrueCaller/YouTube. If there’s anything we need to communicate, we’d always update it on our website – rummycircle.com.

  1.       I received a link to download APK through a link – What should I do?

DON’T CLICK ON IT. If it’s not from the official website or unless you requested for it, we’re pretty sure it’s fake. You can report such instances to us at support@rummycircle.com and we’d take the charge to make sure it never happens again.

  1.       I can’t download the APK file on my device – I’m from Assam.

There could be two reasons for it – First is, you’re not 18 years old or above. Secondly, players from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Assam, and Odisha are not allowed to play online rummy for real-cash prizes.

  1.   Is RummyCircle certified?

Certified by The Online Rummy Federation (TORF), Random Number Generator (RNG), and iTech Labs, we make sure to stick to the game integrity and security in the best interests of our players.

We hope we were able to do justice with your love for the game by answering every question that crosses your head.


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