3 tips from the horse’s mouth to Win in Diwali Rummy Tournament

You have only 2 more weeks left to participate in the biggest ever Rummy Bonanza – the 7th Annual Diwali Rummy Tournament @ RummyCircle. Thousands of people have already won big cash prizes and secured their position in the Grand Finale to be held on November 8, 2015.

This week, instead of hearing from the winners, we give you the winning strategy of last year’s winner. Chennai’s Lingaraj MK, a software professional, won Rs 2.5 lakh cash AND a foreign trip to Hong Kong in the 6th edition of DRT last year.

His story is unique as he did not know how to play rummy at all. He heard about RummyCircle, registered for free online, learned the game from the how to play rummy section, played practice games for six months and emerged as the runner-up in last year’s DRT. Isn’t that inspiring? Here are some tricks he followed to ensure a win. These may be the winning tips you have been waiting for!

  1. When the cards are dealt, I check to see if I have a sequence and a joker in hand. Only if these two are achieved do I play. Else I drop.
  2. However, if I have two or three jokers and a possibility of a sequence, even then I continue with the game. Here’s how one can check the possibility of a sequence: If you have 9 and 10 of diamond, then there is a possibility of getting 8 or J of Diamond to form a sequence.
  3. I usually don’t go for Middle Drop. However, in three rounds if I am not getting any card and opponents keep picking cards from the open deck then the possibility of the opponent winning the game is more. So then I middle drop.

Practice is what made this IT professional ace at the game of Rummy. You can win too. Hurry and participate in the DRT now and share your winning story. Register here

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