Rule The Game Like A Boss With These Rummy Techniques

Rule The Game Like A Boss With These Rummy Techniques

Rule The Game Like A Boss With These Rummy Techniques

Online gaming is often linked to Gen Y, but the advent of Massively Multiplayer Online Games and their integration with social media has given rise to the new concept of social gaming. This has led to an expansion in the demographic of online players, as people can take part in MMOG from their social media accounts and play with people in their list or with others with similar interests.

There are many such games which people play socially through social media or directly through a gaming platform, but few of them, such as online rummy, are very popular with gamers. In fact, the craze for rummy has breached social and age barriers. This is unsurprising, as it has the perfect blend of intrigue and strategy, making it an ideal game to indulge in during leisure time.

Make Winning A Habit

If you are new to the game of rummy, you need to prepare yourself with a few tricks and tips up your sleeve. This helps you start on a good note, and if you can begin your rendezvous with rummy with a win, it will boost your spirit. You will feel inclined to explore the game, improve your skills, and even play rummy with money.

Mature As A Player And Get Set For A Bigger Catch

Indeed, there are many people who play rummy with money and win big. There are many players who win tournaments and get rewarded with cash and other prizes. Since tournaments are held more often, you have a fair possibility of winning them and bagging prizes. So, sharpen your skills, identify which variant and type of tournament are suitable for you, and then enter to play. What is important to note here is that there is absolutely no need for you to worry about playing rummy with money. RummyCircle makes sure that all the transactions that players make with them are completely end-to-end secure.

Enter Tournaments And Play With Talented Players

The number of rummy game download have been increasing ever since playing rummy online became legal. This game is also considered to be an absolute test of mental abilities much like Chess; only more exciting! Gaming platforms run different rummy tournaments online, where people can join one group or the other and challenge others. Online rummy has become so popular that now it ranks among the top five games played in smartphones and other handheld devices. These platforms also offer generous promotions almost every day whereby participating players have the potential to win cash prizes. However, to that end, you need to win games. Few tricks and tips can help you in winning rummy games.

Tips For Winning

Social media can sure make playing rummy easier and more engaging. You can get real-time advice from rummy experts in your contact list and make your moves accordingly. However, there are a few things that you need to be aware of so that you can make winning moves almost every time.

• Be observant about other players’ moves. You need to be alert about what others are discarding and picking up from the open cards. By doing this, you can get an idea about the moves to be made by others. The moot point is that you need to be aware of the right card to discard or retain.

• Try to get rid of cards having higher points. This will make sure that you can reduce your deadwood points if one of the opponents makes a show before you.

• Remember that a run may compose of more than three cards. This is important since many players are unaware of this fact.

• Look out for smart cards and gather them at every move. These cards can help you get a run.

• Jokers are essential and make the best use of these cards. Use these cards to complete a run or garner a set of high point value. However, using joker for a natural run is not a good game.

• Don’t sit at the fence to get a particular card and meld it into a run. Instead, look out for smart cards, keep your cards close to the chest and re-evaluate them regularly to make changes.


According to the latest research, online social gaming is growing rapidly, and the reason for that is attributed to the availability of fast internet connections and the proliferation of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. This has caught the fantasy of gaming companies who are making all the efforts to study the audience’s preferences and make changes in gaming interfaces to offer a more customized experience.

This has led to the inclusion of various features on gaming apps as well as on the website. While playing social games like rummy, you can form groups, consult with members, as well as keep in touch with family members, friends or even use business tools. Indeed, there is so much of integration with social media these days that you can easily keep in touch with others as well as use other apps while playing rummy. In essence, playing rummy does not reduce your time frame in social media app; it rather adds to it.

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