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Beginner's Delight Tournament

Beginner's Delight Tournament

Ever believed in a Rummy beginning, that guarantees your winning?

Well well well...Beginner's Delight Tournament is here - a special tournament for every Rummy beginner, where you can enjoy the best Rummy beginning & win for sure!

Here’s how :

Qualify for the tournament with an entry fee of r 101 & stand a chance to win the 1st Prize of r 51,000*! And you get a guaranteed cashback of r 101 on participation! So it's free!!

Isn't that amazing?

All you gotta do is,

Add cash more than r 101 => Register for Beginner's Delight => Take your seat => Get r 101 cashback + Win exciting cash prizes!!

Tournament Schedule

Reg. Window Start Time Entry Fee First Prize Guaranteed Cashback
Closes at 8:29 PM 8:30 PM r101 r51,000 r101

So begin your Rummy journey with Beginner's Delight & win for sure!

Play Responsibly.

+Terms and Conditions
  • RummyCircle reserves all rights to open the Beginner's Delight Tournament to a selected set of players for any period of time.
  • Participation for eligible players in the Beginner's Delight Tournament will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • RummyCircle shall not be responsible for any player not being able to participate.
  • A player can take part in the Beginner's Delight Tournament only once in the player’s lifetime
  • 'r101 Cashback' cannot be withdrawn directly to the player's account. The player can play/wager the 'r101 Cashback' on RummyCircle.
  • RummyCircle reserves the right to modify or withdraw the Beginner's Delight Tournament at any time without notice or compensation. The Company's decision regarding the same shall be final and binding.
  • RummyCircle reserves all rights to use the player's name, login id, amount won etc. for marketing purposes.
  • The Terms of Services are applicable to all services offered on Rummycircle. Any violation of the Terms of Service at any stage may result in disqualification from the Beginner's Delight Tournament, forfeiture of prizes and such other action by RummyCircle as may be deemed necessary in terms of the Terms of Service.
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