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Daily 10,000 KYC Offer - Ended on 28th December

Balu Murugan, RVN Varma, Mohamed Ibrahim, Saddam Patan, Seerapu Srinivasarao, Sandeep Dhotre, Yatish Kumar, Surendra Babu Bachina, Surendra Gavali, Suresh S, Sun Fran, Merupula Venkatalokesh and Saravanan V have won 10,000 by successfully completing the KYC verification process on

Daily Lucky Winners

Date User Name State Club Status
16th Dec., 2017 Sun Fran Tamil Nadu Gold
17th Dec., 2017 Merupula Venkatalokesh Andhra Pradesh Silver
18th Dec., 2017 Saravanan V Tamil Nadu Silver
19th Dec., 2017 Suresh S Tamil Nadu Silver
20th Dec., 2017 Surendra Gavali Maharashtra Bronze
21st Dec., 2017 Surendra Babu Bachina Andhra Pradesh Gold
22nd Dec., 2017 Yatish Kumar Karnataka Silver
23rd Dec., 2017 Sandeep Dhotre Maharashtra Silver
24th Dec., 2017 Seerapu Srinivasarao Andhra Pradesh Bronze
25th Dec., 2017 Saddam Patan Andhra Pradesh Gold
26th Dec., 2017 Mohamed Ibrahim Tamil Nadu Bronze
27th Dec., 2017 RVN Varma Uttar Pradesh Gold
28th Dec., 2017 Balu Murugan Tamil Nadu Bronze
+Terms and Conditions
  • This offer is valid for all users. Players from Telangana would not be eligible for the offer.
  • A player need not create a account on RummyCircle to participate in the offer or to upload KYC documents. Players who have not added cash so far can submit their documents to the email id :
  • Offer is valid till 28th Dec 2017 or till the time RummyCircle team deems it appropriate to run the offer.
  • If a player uploads his/her KYC documents such as Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License and once it is verified/accepted/approved by RummyCircle Team, then he/she will be eligible for the offer.
  • Lucky winner will be drawn on random basis.
  • Winner will be declared after 2 days from the day of uploading the KYC documents. For Example, for those who uploads document on 16th Dec 2017, will come under the lucky draw pool on 17th Dec 2017. And winner from this pool will be announced on 18th Dec 2017.
  • Amount will be given in the withdrawable account of RummyCircle for the cash players and directly to the bank account of the non-cash players.
  • RummyCircle reserves the right to amend, change, modify the terms & conditions of the offer.
  • 30% TDS will be deducted from the total amount won in our Daily KYC Offer by each user.
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