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Loyalty and Rewards

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Platinum Club

Platinum Club membership entitles you to the best of privileges on

Qualification criterion :

Club Loyalty Points Membership Period
Platinum Club LPs ≥ 1,25,000 2 Months

Membership Timeframe:

2 MONTHS. Once you attain the Platinum Club status you will continue to enjoy this club's membership for any days remaining in the current month and the next 2 months.

Eg: If you become a Platinum Club player on 15th of September, you can enjoy the Platinum club privileges starting 16th of September till 30th November.

Maintaining Membership Status:

To keep your Platinum Club membership, you will need to accumulate 1,25,000 LPs in the 2 month period that you are enjoying the Platinum Club membership.

Eg: If you acquire Platinum Club status on 15th of September then your LPs are set to zero on the 1st October. However, your Platinum Club status continues till 30th November. Now you will have to play and attain 1,25,000 LPs from 1st October to 30th November to maintain your status on 1st December.

Special Privileges for Platinum Club Members:

  • Over 12 Lakhs in complimentary rewards this month.
  • Platinum tournament now on Tuesdays also - total 4 per week! Free entry in all.
  • 25% special Platinum Bonus in addition to 125% Club Bonus & 20% Saturday Bonus
  • SMS alert or e-mail reminders for all upcoming Platinum Club Tournaments and advanced notice for any upcoming special tournaments.
  • Please mail us at for quickest response to your queries from our customer support team.
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