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Wednesday Surprises - Testimonials

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See what our winners have to say...

Prince Bobby

Name: Prince Bobby
RummyCircle ID: princebobby
Location: Andhra Pradesh
I play online games since 2001 and have never liked any site more than Games24x7. Here, I am very much satisfied by the administration, support, game rules, bonuses, game play, especially by the servers (speed, and maintenance)..In my opinion, the best online card game ever built in India is Rummy on Games24X7!

V. Senthil Murugan

Name: V. Senthil Murugan
RummyCircle ID: mayavi
Location: Tamil Nadu
I have been a member of this site from 2009 as it's the first Indian rummy site. I enjoy a lot here and its great to get surprise products and cash prizes on each wednesday!

Rajasekhar Yaddanapudi

Name: Rajasekhar Yaddanapudi
RummyCircle ID: bond003
Location: Andhra Pradesh
I am very happy and excited at winning Samsung Galaxy in Wednesday Surprise Tournament.Thanks to Games24x7 team. I love rummy and I love games 24x7!

Vijaya Thakur

Name: Vijaya Thakur
RummyCircle ID: vijaya_ghase
Location: Maharashtra
It was a wonderful experience to play the "Wednesday Surprise" tournament. I can't believable I came first in among 1024 players and won the i-Pod and 1500 cash prize. Games24x7 is a very very exciting online rummy site.

Satish Gurav

Name: Satish Gurav
RummyCircle ID: satishagurav
Location: Maharashtra
Rummy is one of my favorite games and I really thank this website Games24x7
for gathering Rummy fans like me. I was very excited at winning the Multimedia Speaker in Wednesday Surprise tournament. This website rocks!!!

Venkata Chalapathi Nune

Name: Venkata Chalapathi Nune
RummyCircle ID: chal_games
Location: Karnataka
I am extremely happy and excited to win the first prize of Handy-cam and 1500 cash. It�s great fun to play rummy in this site with only two deals for each round. I thank Games24x7 for conducting this tournament. All the best to all other players who play rummy here.


Name: Deepak
RummyCircle ID: rohith143
Location: Andhra Pradesh
I was really very happy and suprised after winng the Home Theater and 1500 cash prize amongst 1024 players. is really a very good site were one can win real cash prizes and their customer service is also too good. Thaks for giving this oppurtunity and I hope more prizes yet to cum for me and all the best for all the players who are a part of this site.

Smita Chaudhari

Name: Smita Chaudhari
RummyCircle ID: raannee
Location: Maharashtra
In just 4 months, RummyCircle became my best mate. Its an amusement park in itself. The new POOL RUMMY added to the fun. Looking for fun? RummyCircle is the place to be. Unknown people from all over but a fair and fun play."

Paul Tom

Name: Paul Tom
RummyCircle ID: tomppaul
Location: Kerala
It is an amazing surprise tournament in a gorgeous website where players are getting really worth valuable/usable gifts in return and please don't ever stop in surprising us!

Madhavi Maddula

Name: Madhavi Maddula
RummyCircle ID: ravanreddy
Location: Andhra Pradesh
It was a wonderful experience to play the Wednesday Surprise tournament and emerge a winner. Free tournaments and cash rummy tournaments at RummyCircle are also a great pass time.

Mr. Khaja

Name: Mr. Khaja
RummyCircle ID: guru75
It was a wonderful experience playing Wednesday surprise tournament at RummyCircle and winning the first prize of Balckberry phone and 1500 cash. I could not believe I came first. It was really a surprise for me.

Mr. Subodh Kumar

Name: Mr. Subodh Kumar
RummyCircle ID: subodhgita
Location: Uttar Pradesh
I was very happy when RummyCircle announced "Wednesday Surprises". Reaching the finals and winning Blackberry Smartphone among 1024 players made me very happy. I joined RummyCircle in Dec'2010 and find it the best and fair game rummy playing site. Their customer service is also very good.

Mr Mahesh Kumar

Name: Mr Mahesh Kumar
RummyCircle ID: maheshu84
Location: Andhra Pradesh
I enjoyed every round of Wednesday Surprises Tournament. I was nervous and tense and it's unbelievable that I came out 6th in the tournament! I congratulate all winners of wednesday tournament. RummyCircle is India's best games site and I request them to introduce more games.

Mr Gopalkrishna Nayak

Name: Mr Gopalkrishna Nayak
RummyCircle ID: gopi261950
Location: Karnataka
I am glad at winning the prize amount in Wednesday Surprise Tournament on 8th Feb. I really enjoyed that this tournament gives out cash rewards as well as gifts. No other games site gives out such awesome promotions.

Mr Sandeep Reddy Ganji

Name: Mr Sandeep Reddy Ganji
RummyCircle ID: newhour_1000
Location: Andhra Pradesh
It's difficult to express in words my joy for winning first prize of pure gold coin and cash prize. I felt very lucky. I love the convenience of online playing and thanks to RummyCircle team for coming up with this briliant idea of Wednesday Surprise tournaments and gifts.

Mr Dinesh.E

Name: Mr Dinesh.E
RummyCircle ID: aceofkings9
Location: Karnataka
I was very excited at winning the gold coin in Wednesday Surprise tournament. Thanks to RummyCircle for providing a fantastic platform for rummy lovers like me. I would love to come back to the table again. This website rocks!!!

Mr vamsi krishna

Name: Mr vamsi krishna
RummyCircle ID: vamsi.mec16
Location: Andhra Pradesh
The experience of playing rummy at RummyCircle is simply great. Rummy is one of my favorite games and I really thank this website RummyCircle for gathering Rummy fans like me.

Mr. Rajesh

Name: Mr. Rajesh
RummyCircle ID: mahesh1974
Location: Andhra Pradesh
RummyCircle is an awesome web site which delivers an optimistic experience of playing cards in a different and most exciting way of playing cards.

Mr Umrao Singh

Name: Mr Umrao Singh
RummyCircle ID:
Location: Punjab
The joy of winning on is enhanced when a variety of goodies are added to cash winnings; this makes them more interesting and sought after. No wonder then, that the 1024 seats got filled up fast. Innovation is always welcome.

Mr. Arun kumar

Name: Mr. Arun kumar
RummyCircle ID: twentyfour
Location: Karnataka
This site is very nice. Everyone can definitely believe and play cash rummy. I will play every day without fail. No more words, join and feel yourself.

Mr. Mahesh

Name: Mr. Mahesh
RummyCircle ID: pmahesh123
Location: Andhra Pradesh
It has been a great experience to be with RummyCircle. I am very impressed with the excellent support received from your team. Any issues I faced were addressed immediately after contacting support team and resolved within a minimum timeframe. "Quick service, great customer relationships, friendly and helpful staff is how I can summarize my overall experience with"

Mr. Ashu Chowdary

Name: Mr. Ashu Chowdary
RummyCircle ID: ashu9966
Location: Andhra Pradesh
I was very happy to have played Wednesday Surprises Tournament. Though, I stood at 60th place but it dosent matter. RummyCircle ranks number 1 among other rummy websites and it's fun playing rummy here.

Mr. GokulaKrishnan Bhaskar

Name: Mr. GokulaKrishnan Bhaskar
RummyCircle ID: gkg.magic
This is the best experience I have got playing rummy online. I won i-Pod and cash prize worth 3000. Thanks for to bring us this pleasure. The only website to have so many promotions and keep you entertained. Thanks again for this wonderful website.

Rita Gaba

Name: Rita Gaba
RummyCircle ID: ritzy
Location: Maharashtra
After a very long time I played on RummyCircle and was surprised it was wednesday. I played Wednesday surprise tournament and won in the match..I am very happy that i won i-Pod and eagarly waiting for my surprise gift..I think this is the one site where we can play and trust.

Mr. Ramesh kumar

Name: Mr. Ramesh kumar
RummyCircle ID: aditiankit
Location: Delhi
Recently I came to know that I have won a digital camera by securing 3rd position in the Wednesday Surprises Tournament held on 23.2.12. I am very happy and grateful to you. I'd like to further state that I find this site to be very exciting and entertaining. It keeps me refreshed and tension free. I spend many hours in the site every day. I wish for your site to flourish further.

Mr. Sumith Reddy

Name: Mr. Sumith Reddy
RummyCircle ID: samanthin
Location: Andhra Pradesh
I love rummy. I search around all the web world to get where I can find a game like that. That time I got a site which is RummyCircle in which you can play a real game which is created like no one can cheat. I am playing from 2 years this shows how it works. I recently won i-Pod and 2500 cash in Wednesday Surprises. This made me very happy.

Mr. Subhash Gandhi

Name: Mr. Subhash Gandhi
RummyCircle ID: sgandhi88
Location: New Delhi
Many thanks to RummyCircle for hosting such a wonderful tournament on wednesdays. I really enjoyed playing the tournament and winning some real cash. Needless to say the experience was wonderful. Such tournaments must continue in future too.

Mr. Alagappan Arjunan

Name: Mr. Alagappan Arjunan
RummyCircle ID: alagu1130
I was extremely thrilled on winning 2nd prize including a branded wrist watch and 1000 Cash in wednesday surprise tournament. I believe that RummyCircle is the best site offering best rummy online game as well as attractive promotions.

Mr. K.K.Sen

Name: Mr. K.K.Sen
RummyCircle ID: kksen
Location: West Bengal
I am a member of several games site but the fact is that "RummyCircle" is the only site where you can play with the real people and this site never cheats. Only on RummyCircle, you will get both fun and excitement. So, play and be a winner like me. Thanks to Games 24 x 7 for hosting Wednesday tournaments.

Mr. William Kerry

Name: Mr. William Kerry
RummyCircle ID: SAWK
Location: Andhra Pradesh
It was a wonderful experience playing Wednesday surprise tournament at RummyCircle and winning the first prize twice continuously. I won a branded wrist watch, Handy cam and total cash prizes worth 3500. Rummy is clearly a skilled game and RummyCircle really a fair website which we can trust blindly. Please keep on introducing various gaming delights which will really make happy and brings surprises for all the players. Thanks team for the support and intregrity towards the patrons.


Name: Anjali
RummyCircle ID: anjali2409
Location: New Delhi
I joined RummyCircle in may 2011 and find it the best and fair game rummy playing site. Now I play everyday without fail. Being a lady it is quite difficult, but I manage. I was very happy when RummyCircle announced "Wednesday Surprises"..I am very happy that I won i-Pod and 1000/ eagarly waiting for my surprise gift..I think this is the one site where we can play and trust."Their custmer service is very quick and they resolve any issue or problem immediatly.


Name: Swamy
RummyCircle ID: swamy464
Location: Andhra Pradesh
I am really very surprised and shocked at wining i-Pad in Wednesday Surprise Tournament. Its so exciting round to round and deal to deal. I hope all the players in this tournament enjoyed.Thanks to 24x7 entire team. Thanks for this surprise. I love rummy, I love RummyCircle.

N. srinivas

Name: N. srinivas
RummyCircle ID: bonkusrinu
Location: Andhra Pradesh
It was a wonderful experience playing Wednesday surprise tournament at RummyCircle and winning the first prize of net book and 2000 cash. I could not believe I came first. It was really a surprise for me!

Shivarama Krishna

Name: Shivarama Krishna
RummyCircle ID: shiva1547
Location: Karnataka
I play Rummy on RummyCircle for timepass. I have played Jhatpat Tournament many times but I didn't cross even 3rd round but while playing Wednesday Surprise tournament I went to the final round and won the 2nd prize of NET-BOOK. I am totally surprised, it is unbelievable that I came second. Thanks RummyCircle!


Name: Kingkong
RummyCircle ID: Kingkong007
Location: Andhra Pradesh
It was great playing the Wednesday Surprise tournament and winning a branded wrist watch and cash prize. I hope you will introduce more and more such tournaments so that every one would get a chance to win and this is the best trusted rummy site to be played in the internet.

Tgvr ramanujacharyulu

Name: Tgvr ramanujacharyulu
RummyCircle ID: ramjm2002
Location: Andhra Pradesh
It was a gripping and most thrilling experience playing the surprise tournament and winning is the icing on the cake.......good work team RummyCircle....keep rocking!

Pawan Yadav

Name: Pawan Yadav
RummyCircle ID: pawanyadav00
Location: New Delhi
The experience was wonderful. Being a part of winners of a tournament which is "100% Free" and with "guaranteed prize pool" made it even sweeter. The turnout was amazing and so was the payout and when you know that you have outlasted one of the toughest fields in India, it makes your win an unforgettable experience. Thanks a lot!!!

Canute D'souza

Name: Canute D'souza
RummyCircle ID: godsman
Location: Goa
I wait anxiously for the Wednesday tournament and am very happy at winning it. I have been playing on the site for the past 2 or 3 years and it is the best rummy site so far on the internet. Wednesday surprise tournament is a very good and well organized concept. Keep up the good work, you rock guys!

Kumkumath Krishnadas

Name: Kumkumath Krishnadas
RummyCircle ID: Kkrishnadas
Location: Maharashtra
The Wednesday surprises have now become like HOT CAKES. Within fraction of a minute of opening, it gets full !! One has to be lucky to get a seat. Very shortly it may become fraction of seconds !!!!

*The tournament schedule is subject to change. Please refer to cash tournament list at all times.

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