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How to play rummy

It's really very easy. If you are fond of card games, then you can challenge your skills with a game of Rummy. The objective is simple - to make combinations or sets and sequences. To know more, see our quick demo videos
below or read the detailed rules of how to play rummy on the left. Beware-it's addictive!

Quick Introduction:

To get started with Rummy, watch the fun video above. Learn the basics, chose your favourite game format, and get on board an exciting journey of Rummy - for it's a fun, legal and thrilling game!

Deals Rummy:

This format was introduced exclusively for the benefit of our players. All players are given an equal number of chips where they play for a pre-decided number of deals. One winner wins all the chips at the end of each deal. Player with maximum number of chips, at the end of all pre-decided deals, wins the game. Watch the demo to know more.

Points Rummy:

This is the classic and the most popular format of Rummy where points are assigned to each card. The points have a pre-decided rupee value. Winning amount of the winner is decided based on the remaining points of other players. The 13 card game format is preferred due its fast pace as the game lasts for only one round unlike Deals or Pool Rummy. Watch the demo to learn more

Pool Rummy:

Pool Rummy is one of the most exciting 13 card game rummy version that you can enjoy on our website. All players pay a fixed entry fee that becomes the prize pool. More than winning, one needs to minimize losses! Winner of every deal gets 0 points, and the rest accumulate points based on their cards. Once a player reaches the maximum limit of points on the table (101 or 201), he/she is eliminated. Watch the demo to find out how Pool Rummy is played.

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