Help - How to Play Points Rummy
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How to Play Points Rummy

Playing Points Rummy on RummyCircle is easier than playing offline! You don’t need to move out of the convenience of your home. You can play it anywhere… even while traveling. The rules are simple and it is a card game that is loved by people of all ages and all walks of life. Here you can view some easy to understand videos, to make it easier for you to get started.

How to Group cards?

Grouping Cards

Cards can be grouped in two ways. This prevents useful cards from getting discarded by mistake. Watch

Rules at a Glance

Quick Look at the Rules

Meld your cards - put them into sets or sequences.

How to Pick a Card?

Pick a Card

Cards can be picked from the open or the closed deck.

How to Discard a Card?

Discard a Card

Learn the three ways of discarding a card.

How to finish the game?

Finish the game

The game can be finished in three ways.

How do I declare my sets and sequences?

Declare Your Sets and Sequences

All your cards in sets and sequences? Time to declare!

Help Video
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